Love Notes: Weekend July 24-26, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You’re flirting to find out the seriousness of intent with regard to someone or something. Perhaps the tease is about who will make the first move. The exchange puts one of you squarely at the center of attention for your light to either shine or burn out into oblivion. This may be with a person you find highly attractive, a whirlwind relationship out of nowhere, or a connection at a distance. On the other hand, the allure may be an idea–a holiday, travel, or promoting a project for take off. Whatever the situation, the core question is how far are you willing to go or is this just a lot of hot air?

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  • Revelation concerning home, family, or property
  • Looking at your level of satisfaction and home environment; new perspective regarding happy home situation
  • Need to think outside the box regarding domestic concerns
  • Self-awareness due to living situation
  • New information about the purchase of home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, moving, or moving in together


  • Contemplating a dead-end or no-win situation
  • Thinking the worst; negative mind loop
  • Taking stock of how to overcome challenge; weighing options where progressed has been blocked
  • Thinking about closing the door on something/someone or why you’ve been shut out; shutting down the foolishness
  • Confusion about where relationship is headed
  • Trying to come up with answers–round and round with no resolution or apparent solution; repetitive behavior
  • Not taking or being taken seriously–this relationship is going nowhere
  • Need a time out from a frustrating situation
  • Wondering why you made it this far only to have progress stall; false start


  • The wisdom of starting something new
  • Awareness that children are impacting the relationship
  • Dating someone younger or someone new
  • Educational concerns; knowledge, truth
  • Seeking inner peace–connecting to the inner child; opening to higher self
  • Assessment of childish behavior
  • Involvement with someone from childhood
  • Need for spiritual guidance concerning children
  • Playful interaction; young at heart; lighthearted romance


  • Taking action to protect your privacy
  • Closed off; sheltered; quarantined
  • Behind the scenes action–need for discretion
  • Good timing–spending time alone or alone with a partner
  • Doing something on your own time; not allowing others to see what you’re doing
  • Need to take the initiative to connect with someone who is extremely private and difficult to know
  • Time to act–seeking private information; issues concerning Privacy Act


  • Ego triggered if you feel blocked; self-righteousness or refusal to compromise
  • Ego creates difficulty in opening to opportunity; pride prevents one from taking action
  • Relationship hindered by arrogance, selfishness or ego
  • Listening to intuition regarding someone’s ego–big head/small heart
  • Healthy ego puts luck within your reach
  • Awareness that relationship needs mending


  • Perfect timing; time to act
  • Taking time to pamper yourself; relaxing
  • A need to trust that all things are occurring in the time and manner they are meant to occur
  • Providence at work to orchestrate experience that allows you to recognize inner beauty
  • Experience is unfolding in a time frame that is deemed best for your highest good


  • Questioning faith; not sure what to believe
  • Nirvana; relationship brings spiritual evolution
  • Learning about someone’s spiritual or religious beliefs
  • Belief that someone is in la-la land
  • Drawn to someone through a deep, spiritual connection where core values align
  • Trying to figure out if someone if more focused on spiritual development rather than relationship
  • Relationship serves to bring spiritual lesson (may be only purpose)
  • Dreams/visions; magical reality
  • Faith; belief; answered prayers; believing in your dreams


  • Karmic celebration
  • Fated meeting through travel
  • Karmic relationship or soul mate situation
  • Good news of a karmic nature; providence plays a role
  • Relationship related to karmic lesson, karmic debt, or spiritual evolution
  • Karmic situation requiring you to focus on health–relaxation, movement, or exercise
  • Karmic relationship that has lasted through many incarnations
  • Open door due to divine intervention


  • Travel commitment–itinerary, purchase of tickets
  • Need for directions to move forward–map, GPS, address
  • Creating or following plan that may involve important papers, documents, receipts
  • Keeping score in the relationship–tit-for-tat behavior; hypercritical focus; mental record of perceived wrongs
  • Looking at the cost of commitment; having to pay high price for relationship
  • Trading favors (sex, money, power)
  • Criticism regarding lack of direction; aimlessness
  • Motivation/drive; extreme competition; sports
  • Moving on from drama or competitive situation; competition for love and affection; power plays
  • A focus on red flags or negative comparisons; ratings


  • Freedom from debt; financial freedom
  • Release from intense, crisis-oriented situation
  • Sexual freedom; exhilaration
  • Surrender–need to let go, move on; ending or transformation; inevitability; end of struggling
  • Freedom from or through Scorpio person (sun, moon, rising)
  • Profound and unsettling change–break from the routine
  • Personal power or transformation–realization that you can do anything
  • End of or renewed freedom
  • Seeking freedom in relation to debt, inheritance, insurance, surgery, sexuality, or jointly held assets


  • The person you’re interested in or attracted to is inaccessible
  • Inability to influence others; others not on board with ideas
  • Unable to attract what you desire; can’t find what you’re looking for
  • Emotionally closed with heart under lock and key
  • Illusions, need to take steps–other person doesn’t know you’re interested


  • Not enforcing wearing masks or failure to do so
  • Empowerment through unmasking a falsity; speaking truth to power; letting go of the charade
  • Taking off the mask; feeling vulnerable
  • Coming clean about the past to manifest plans/dreams; harnessing personal power
  • Revealing something that empowers you
  • Leadership in taking charge–seeing through disingenuous intent; seeing someone for who they really are

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Image: The Rose, Eugene de Blaas

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