Sun, Moon & Stars Tarot Reading|Air Signs|July 2020


Gemini, you have strong desires to know the truth or come to terms in an agreement. With stakes this high are you open to new ideas or just fighting to be right? Trust will remain an issue until you address fear, illusion, manipulation, and all that’s hidden in a situation or within yourself


Libra, there’s a secret enchantment with something that may be tied to the past or that can help you move on from the past. You’re not out of rough waters yet, but are you willing to go the distance? You can be tempted to go off course, but look carefully at what’s on offer if you have a certain destination in mind.


Aquarius, you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to bring something to an end. Very soon, you’ll take a new approach that allows you to take charge and move on from a situation where you felt stuck. It helps when you can accurately discern between a necessary sacrifice and a lost cause.

Image: Farrinni on Unsplash

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