Mars enters Aries|Jun 27, 2020 – Jan 6, 2021

Positive: Independent, bold, pioneering, enterprising

Negative: Impulsive, lack of self-control, self-centered

You like to take the lead and play the dominant role. You’re not afraid to jump in the game, but can you go the distance? That brash bravado can have you coming on strong if you like what you see. So strong, in fact, that it can smell of desperation if you’re not careful. Sure, you’re spontaneous, eager, and ready to go, but there’s a chance that things will fizzle out, especially when the lust only lasts for so long and you get bored and decide to move on to greener pastures. This is a powerful Mars in that it’s in its own home and presiding over its own dominion.

Mars is going to burn through its own sign for quite a while–until the end of this year. However, a good deal of this time will be spent moving backward. This means opportunities for do-overs during the retrograde period while scrutinizing conflict, desire, ambition, and what really lights your fire or lights one up under you. This can express as a lack of motivation or not really understanding when you should fight or when to walk away from one. This also isn’t the best time to promote prowess for jumping in the sack. When Mars finally turns direct, you’ll find the passion you shared was merely a projection of desires you wished you’d never expressed. The Universe is giving you six months. Check yourself.

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