Third Time Lucky Tarot Reading|Air Signs|June 2020

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. William Shakespeare


Gemini, clarity of expression will allow you to improve, repair, or finally release yourself from a situation. Much depends on how committed you are to the end goal. In any case, an agent of change is knocking on the door. Your resistance to opening it will only keep you locked in limbo.


Libra, do you have the strength to turn the wheels of justice? Life is a gamble right now, but fearlessly taking control may shift the odds in your favor. Despite appearances, what happened to you in the past may actually work for you in the future. The key is to keep your expectation level in balance–your self-esteem assures you won’t settle for anything less.


Aquarius, there’s an emotional decision to be made in support of harmony, balance, and fairness. Secret revelations and anything repressed now comes to light as you give birth to a new being. If you can get past the past, you’ll find joyous expression in life and/or doing what you love.

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