Love Notes: Weekend May 29-31, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: This week brings blessed change through a fortunate shift that will herald a personal renaissance. This could mean the revival of a situation you had all but given up on or the renewal of an important relationship worthy of your time, love, and devotion. There’s focus on moving on from old patterns to form alliances based on the ideal partnership. This auspicious period may also augur gifts, recognition, and good fortune as a direct result of your personal magnetism and high powers of attraction that place you in the spotlight and at the very center of attention.


  • Moving forward toward family and shared values or goals
  • Seeking direction from or about family members–creating or following a plan
  • Distancing self from family or traditional values
  • Family moving away
  • Motivation or drive to create a family; focus on family or relatives
  • Concerns regarding aimlessness of family member; need for reorientation
  • Creating family traditions; family celebration; enjoying family
  • Family road trip
  • Extended family


  • Gaining clarity over confusion or difficulty concentrating; coming out of the fog
  • Getting clear on your dreams or vision; imaginative ideas; light-bulb moment; eureka!
  • A focus on manifesting magical reality
  • Need to sort out fiction from reality; gaining insight after being in la-la land
  • Shedding light on mental or psychological issues
  • Gaining greater truth/clarity concerning relationship
  • Interactions bring important issues to light; hidden revealed
  • Coming to a clear understanding


  • Decision concerning children; children are impacting the relationship
  • Childish decisions
  • Dating someone younger
  • Involvement with someone from childhood
  • Decisions concerning new information or situation; start of something new
  • Decision to be more playful in interactions; bringing lightheartedness back into romance
  • Decisions connecting to your inner child


  • Traveling with marriage partner
  • Traveling for a wedding; honeymoon
  • Marriage celebration; anniversary
  • Good news concerning marriage, partner, or commitment
  • Travel commitment
  • Opening the door to commitment


  • Breakthrough in a complicated situation
  • Sudden inspiration or insight about how to overcome a challenge or barrier
  • Complications due to unexpected visitor or news
  • Insight where there was difficulty finding your way through a situation
  • Impulsiveness creates difficulties
  • Taking off because of complexities that interfere with relationship–third parties; extra-marital affairs; exes or children from past relationships; health challenges; office romance; etc.
  • Breakthrough in a misunderstanding


  • Unexpected news about or through a friend
  • Blast from the past–reconnecting with friends
  • Unexpected encounter leads to friendship
  • Surprise at slow transition from friendship to romance
  • Unexpected circumstances require you to be more of a friend to your partner
  • Surprise that friendship has potential to turn to romance–need to open to new possibilities
  • May meet partner through a friend; new acquaintance


  • Long distance relationship with sacred connection; moving across the globe
  • Soaring to new heights–spiritual awakening; rising above it all; spreading your wings to fly; flying high
  • Trip or vacation with your partner; holiday; travels that connect to nature/humanity
  • Gaining distance from a situation that lacked stability
  • A change in the wind
  • Making the first move
  • Presence of Spirit helps you to go the distance with a partner during a difficult situation
  • On top of the world–whirlwind relationship; something suddenly takes off


  • Financial collaborations and partnerships; shared financial goals
  • Thinking alike concerning money issues
  • Financing a celebration; celebrating financial gains
  • Too much focus on money; workaholic; career and work take priority over relationship–need for playfulness, socializing
  • Finances affect relationship
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Family business
  • Work affair involving client, colleague, superior


  • Travel plans; road trip
  • New beginning; future forward
  • Need to encourage positive mindset about the future
  • Revitalization–relationship in the distant future
  • Fresh outlook regarding healing; looking ahead
  • Renewal of plans for the future; planning future together as a couple; long range plans or goals


  • Illumination through intuition
  • Intuition about taking a leadership role–initiating
  • Trust your instincts about whether a relationship feels right and should move forward or not
  • Intuition reveals a message through an encounter
  • Giving advice or solving a problem using your intuition


  • Karmic resolutions allow you to sever ties with a soul mate–time to act
  • Fate deals a blow; situation beyond your control
  • Karmic debt paid
  • New cycle begins; start of something; good timing; need to take the initiative


  • Lucky time out–need for down time or recreation
  • Fortuitous stroke of luck brings enjoyment; letting loose, playfulness
  • A pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise
  • A lucky opportunity that brings about meeting with someone of interest
  • Wish fulfilled

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Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

Image: An Offering, Frank Dicksee

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