Love Notes: Weekend May 22-24, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: There’s an opportunity for or through solitude. You may retreat to pursue new possibilities in research, quiet contemplation, or work on a solo project. Lucky ideas or prospects present through the tranquil surroundings of your private world and the serene peace of mind that fuels imagination. This might also be a healing opportunity that offers release from a burden that affects you emotionally, physically, or otherwise. For some, taking a risk is involved in a decision that you need more time alone as a couple or apart.


  • Abundant privacy–you and partner may need to spend more time alone together
  • Discretion regarding finances
  • Behind the scenes negotiations–reaping the fruits of efforts
  • Closing the door to the outside to connect to nature
  • Going within to shift scarcity consciousness
  • Keeping it all for or to yourself
  • Extreme privacy–individual who is difficult to know


  • Recognition that you’re not on solid ground due to broken promises; lack of commitment
  • Last minute cancellation–need for grounding
  • Not making any promises; no offers
  • Failure to propose
  • Party plans up in the air
  • Retreat from social engagements to focus on nature/humanity or presence of Spirit
  • Unable to spread your wings and fly
  • Breaking agreements or contracts
  • Spiritual awakening to break ancestral/tribe contract


  • Illusions about travel
  • Exploration of where you’ve been under an illusion–some aspect of self, relationship, partner is not as it appears on the surface; refusal to see the truth
  • Pushing the boundaries regarding appearances – excessive preoccupation with looks, appearing financially stable, attractive, successful, etc. as a couple or to attract a partner
  • Need to take a closer look at travel plans or efforts at expansion
  • Taking a look at self–need to try something new
  • Superficial relationships based predominantly on looks
  • Projections; behavior reflected back


  • Invitation to/from someone from the past
  • Opportunity related to the past; past opportunity
  • May be dealing with an ex/old lover from the past
  • Past conditioning affects relationship in budding romance
  • Invitation to review something from a long time ago
  • Relationships that feel strangely familiar–love continued through this incarnation
  • Unfinished business
  • Old haunts, neighborhood, community–need to get out and connect


  • Financial advice or wisdom; paying for advice or information
  • Paying self first; investment in self
  • Seeking inner peace regarding financial situation; need for spiritual guidance
  • Awareness that finances are affecting your relationship
  • Knowledge or truth concerning money; smart money moves
  • Paying for education
  • Workaholic; questioning whether work should take priority over relationship
  • You/partner may be involved in financial industry; family business; shared financial goals
  • Work affair with colleague, client, superior


  • Enchantment with the past; nostalgia; sentimentality
  • Memories of someone you are/were enchanted with
  • Bringing ideas to life rooted in the past
  • Memories of pleasant shared experiences influence relationship
  • Attracting what you desire; creating memories together; influencing others
  • Old loves may reappear
  • Caught up in memories–illusions; need to take steps


  • Discounting your luck; failing to see good fortune
  • Criticism of hopes and dreams; negative comparisons regarding luck or opportunity
  • Lottery ticket; unexpected gift or opportunity
  • Outbidding on purchase or travel ticket–results surpass expectations; grabbing a bargain
  • Luck through paperwork, receipts, documents
  • Winning in extreme competition; good at power plays; winning score
  • Winning the battle–tit-for-tat, recorded wrongs
  • Trading favors (money, sex, power)
  • Playing the numbers game
  • Luck through spotting a red flag
  • Need for action–having to pay high price for relationship


  • Fear of being trapped; afraid a partner feels trapped–need to acknowledge fears; looking for an escape route
  • Confining situation is hindering you from sharing, expressing, or making the most of your best self
  • Manipulation to keep your/their mouth closed; keeping things bottled up inside; afraid to speak out
  • Limited freedom (yours/theirs) due to fear/underhanded behavior
  • Shadow behavior–need for inner transformation; trying to change partner into the ideal; highest self trapped by darkness
  • Illusions of being trapped
  • Not revealing the worst of it; not telling that you were stalking (social media); hidden aspect of self or situation
  • Dancing with the devil–uncomfortable changes
  • Trying to figure out why relationship never fully develops


  • Contemplating a rebirth of situation, self, or relationship
  • Taking stock of making changes; thinking about changing your appearance
  • Weighing options regarding how to revitalize something
  • Coming up with ideas together to create positive transformation; making positive personal changes because of relationship
  • Need for a time out to recharge; positivity
  • Feeling foolish or as if you’re not taken seriously about starting over; considering whether you should give something a second chance
  • Revitalization of relationship; relationship may start again in new form
  • Coming out of isolation; re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly


  • Confidence about the future; riding high toward a goal
  • Success regarding travel plans or road trip
  • Recognition of planning a future together as a couple; relationship is in the distant future
  • Long-range plans; looking ahead
  • Confident that this is the end of the road; need for self-appreciation, love


  • New love is not in the cards; don’t foresee getting involved romantically
  • Relationship doesn’t have a future
  • Manifesting with your thoughts–love hasn’t arrived yet
  • Circumstances prevent love at this time; lack of prospective partners
  • Love is too costly; a focus on money rather than love


  • Secret reconciliation–something you’re hiding
  • Something you’re not seeing concerning reconnecting with someone you previously separated from
  • Stirring up the past–making peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts or wounds
  • Meeting to work out issues or terms; working out the terms for reconciliation
  • Need for something to come to light in order to reconcile
  • Relationship counseling or therapy
  • Reunion; make up after break up; falling in love again

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