Love Notes: Weekend May 15-17, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Do you share enough chemistry to motivate you to open your heart to love or is this a game? Finances and career could be a factor in the decision, especially if generosity is a concern. Awareness of reciprocity and the willingness to give and receive monetarily could be a reflective indicator of your relationship and/or self-worth on an emotional level. In some cases, a drive for professional success may supersede the desire for relationship or provoke the realization that life is about more than just money.


  • Withdrawing in order to regain balance
  • New information regarding legal matter
  • New perspective concerning matters of harmony and beauty
  • Self-awareness about issues of fairness
  • Need to think outside of the box to come up with a strategy
  • Weighing options based on new information; making important decisions; choices
  • Restoring health or emotional equilibrium; balancing work/personal life
  • Reviewing responsibilities and obligations–financial, domestic, parenting, work
  • Working on agreements for equitable resolutions
  • Negotiations; adjustments; contracts
  • Dual opportunities; choosing between two partners
  • Dealings with Libras (sun, moon, rising), legal administrators, decision-makers


  • No luck regarding travel plans; problems traveling
  • Not receiving good news; door not opening
  • Inability to relax
  • Celebration gone awry
  • Misjudgment of luck; opportunity didn’t pan out
  • Wishes don’t turn out to be as expected


  • Changing appointment
  • Reviving social connections
  • Renewal of commitment; anniversary; renewal of vows
  • Social engagements; party
  • Moving on from old commitment; leaving the party
  • Something thought dead has new life
  • Obligation or undertaking
  • Proposal, engagement to be married
  • Ring; altering jewelry
  • Agreements, contracts, unions that are legally binding


  • Control over socializing; expecting the royal treatment; sense of entitlement
  • Invitation as an authority (on subject, in field)
  • In charge of the guest list
  • One partner taking on most of responsibility
  • Self-control during interactions
  • Excessive demands; too many requests for invitation; trying to force an invite
  • Opportunity to take control
  • Control issues regarding new friendship or budding romance
  • Authoritarian; aggressive or domineering behavior


  • Revelation from hidden sources that changes your perspective
  • Self-awareness that prompts you to look at situations positively; spirit messages
  • Need for contemplation; inner listening–truth is becoming glaringly obvious
  • Awareness of need for change in relationship; pretending to be positive
  • Preference for seeing only the more positive aspects of person or situation


  • Surprised at the timing; need to trust that all things are happening in the time frame they’re meant to occur
  • Unexpected news or encounter
  • Time to open to new possibilities; time to act; perfect timing
  • Surprised by a blast from the past; you thought it was over but it’s not
  • Universe working to unfold a situation in a time most appropriate for your highest good


  • Sacredness of intuition; spiritual awakening; recognition of Spirit
  • Heightened intuition through connection to nature/humanity; messages through animals/nature
  • Intuition tells you that you’re not on sure footing; awareness of need for grounding
  • Instincts about whether this relationship feels right or should move forward
  • Intuition reveals message through an encounter


  • Healing a long-term relationship; relationship will improve over time; older couple
  • Long term healing; age related issues; anniversary of recovery; time out for healing
  • Wisdom of healing; healing situations through wisdom, age, experience; older healer; old healing methods
  • Inner/outer alignment with differences -May-December romance
  • Mending parental relationship; addressing issues related to ancestry, heritage, parents, history
  • Help through relationship with someone older or more well-established
  • Experience helps in making alliances
  • Time out from someone you’ve known a long time–need for self love


  • Realizing what you don’t want; considering rejecting something; disinterest; lack of attraction; not taking emotions seriously
  • Exploring why you were rejected; relationship won’t move forward because of lack of mutual feeling
  • Someone at a distance not reciprocating effort
  • Rejecting travel; inability to expand
  • One person investing more time and energy without a return
  • Rejected because of pushing boundaries; rejecting pushing the boundaries
  • Rejecting trying something new OR trying something new after being rejected
  • Wrong love choice; incompatibility


  • Writing in solitude; getting message when you’re alone; message related to seeking sanctuary
  • Writing collaboration
  • Re-energizing connection through message; hearing from someone; making contact
  • You will soon/receive love message; love letter, card, sentiment
  • Written invitation, text, email, phone call
  • Mulling things over about whether to send message; reviewing message you’ve received
  • Taking a break from messages–need for rest, withdrawal
  • Reading between the lines–inner listening; subtext


  • Rejecting a ride; lack of transportation; vehicle or travel issues; looking for a car
  • Taking a closer look at how you seek amusement, pleasure, or thrills
  • Looking behind the curtain to reveal whether this relationship is real or just a fun ride; not a serious relationship; friend with benefits
  • Trying to determine if you’ll have fun or will enjoy something


  • An opportunity for reconciliation; reconnecting with someone you previously separated from
  • Luck in working out issues or terms
  • Taking a risk to meet or reconcile
  • Possibility for making peace with partner to reconcile past hurts; relationship counseling or therapy
  • Reunion; make up after breakup
  • Falling in love again

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