Love Notes: Weekend May 8-10, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You may fall in either of two camps–a growing desire for solitude to break away from the foolishness or emerging from a period of isolation to pursue a little enjoyment. Either way, the goal is to release past conditions that have felt heavy or burdensome. A time out may be a welcome diversion to explore your own private interests, do some research, share one-on-one intimacy, or seek emotional peace. For others escaping from the confines of restriction could mean letting loose to release pent up energy. Moderation is the key to any scenario.


  • Change that leads to release or ending; inevitability
  • Resurrection of partnership you thought was dead
  • Caution regarding sexual partnership
  • Moving on from dead relationship or situation
  • Renewal of financial partnership; relationships involving large sums of money
  • Reconnecting with Scorpio persons
  • Profound and unsettling changes in relationship
  • Forming alliance to deal with intense, emergency, or crisis-oriented situations
  • Debt collection


  • Decision regarding secret admirer who may be reluctant to come forward
  • Special someone may be unaware they hold the key to your heart
  • Decision about someone interested that you wouldn’t normally consider
  • Secret crush; someone is watching you


  • Chemistry due to admiration of boldness
  • Boldness in putting it out there regarding strong attraction; taking a risk
  • Chemistry ignited through happiness, laughter, enjoyment
  • Need to tread lightly concerning physical attraction or sexual encounter
  • Passion, magnetism, desire


  • Dead end in getting support from others OR getting support because of negative situation
  • Recognizing vulnerability of no-win situations or where progress has been blocked
  • Trust issues
  • Closing off to feel protected
  • Trusting intuition about why relationship moved forward only to end at closed door; false start; relationship going nowhere
  • Round and round about the same issues without resolution; repetitive behavior
  • Confusion about where relationship is headed


  • Invitation from third party
  • Party of three; socializing; new friend
  • Being the center of attention; multiple suitors vying for attention
  • Three people in relationship; love triangles
  • Budding romance with outside party
  • One person being catered to by multiple parties
  • Third party interference
  • Need to socializing, community, or to get out of shell


  • Broken heart regarding change or the need for change
  • Transformation of a broken heart–opportunity for change; new identity
  • Disappointment concerning following a dream
  • Heart broken because of loss, disappointment, betrayal, separation, or break up of relationship


  • Successfully juggling commitments and obligations
  • Masking emotions concerning partnership
  • Maintaining emotional equilibrium regarding commitment
  • Aligning inner emotions with external circumstances that affect partnership
  • Finding balance between work and personal commitments
  • Harmony in the marriage
  • Marriage, weddings; formal couple
  • Not revealing that you’re married or in commitment
  • Commitment to wearing a mask


  • Healing words or conversation; expressing joy
  • Expression as a healer; doctor’s orders; vitality; healing
  • Healing from something that was said
  • Healing through creative expression
  • Need for rediscovery of inner beauty; self-reflection
  • Acceptance of flaws; greater appreciation of self needed before starting relationship; obsession with perfectionism
  • Need to put self first
  • May be neglecting health and/or appearance
  • Need to release self-repression so healing can happen


  • friend’s car; new vehicle; riding with children or pets
  • Decision made about transportation or entertainment; things falling into place
  • Feeling lighthearted due to end of a struggle
  • Relationship is mutual fun ride and may/may not develop into anything deeper
  • Having fun as friends or with friends
  • Excitement and pleasure of company
  • Making peace with idea that this is not a serious relationship; friends with benefits
  • Harmony through amusement, entertainment, fun, games
  • Thrill-seeking


  • Seduced by memories; memories of seduction; history repeats or returns
  • Passion is dead; mourning over someone you are/were attracted to
  • Intrigued by spirit messages
  • Playing the role of seducer or seduced
  • Passing flirtation; temptation; secret or hidden affair
  • Disdain for sexual innuendos
  • Moving on–interest in new person


  • Control over what is revealed; gag order; tight-lipped
  • Revelation of control issues brings self awareness; domineering or aggressive behavior
  • New perspective on how to take control; need to think outside the box
  • Finding out who’s in charge; one partner may take on most of responsibility in relationship
  • Excessively demanding; seeking the royal treatment; sense of entitlement


  • Taking a closer look at complicated situations
  • Looking behind the curtain to find the root of complications
  • Examining a misunderstanding
  • Difficulty finding your way through a situation
  • Seeing the magic in complexity
  • Complications disappear like magic
  • Difficulties that interfere with ease of relationship–third party interference, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.
  • Complications that keep you from getting information

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Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

Image: Thalia, Jean-Marc Nattier

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