Love Notes: Weekend Mar 6-8, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You could be working through issues of grief in the realization that your life, a situation, or a relationship is not exactly on firm footing. Perhaps you have recently experienced a loss, disappointment, betrayal, or some form of rejection that has caused a great deal of unhappiness. Sorrow and distress may also extend beyond your immediate circle to concerns related to the suffering of animals, nature, or humanity in the world at large. Situations provide the catalyst for spiritual awakening where the Universe is asking you to get grounded and move beyond the pain and emotional wounding to remember the sacredness of life and to rediscover the presence of Spirit.


  • Illusions about something moving forward OR moving on from an illusion (may concern finances or office romance)
  • A focus on making progress with image; excessive preoccupation with trying to appear happy, financially stable, attractive, successful, etc. either as a couple or in order to attract partner
  • Seeking direction–some aspect of self, relationship, partner, or situation is illusory or not as it appears on the surface
  • Forward with or away from superficial relationship based predominantly on looks
  • A need to take a closer look; refusal to see the truth
  • Projections; behavior projected back


  • Revelation opens a door that was previously closed
  • New perspective regarding blockages
  • Self-awareness of how you’ve contributed to creating challenges for yourself
  • New information reopens closed avenues and opportunities
  • Need to think outside the box to jump-start situation that has stalled
  • A relationship gone cold may suddenly re-ignite


  • Discernment about whether this is a soul mate; wearing a game face
  • Seeing a deeper truth–relationship situation where you’re meant to learn karmic lesson, pay karmic debt, or evolve spiritually
  • Hiding true self creates karma
  • Universe compels you to look beneath the surface in a karmic situation or connection
  • Issues surrounding relationship that has lasted through many incarnations
  • Providence plays a role in circumstances; divine intervention


  • Enchantment with a friend where love or romantic gestures may not be reciprocated
  • Rejecting friendship in favor of love
  • Trying to influence others may have negative results
  • May need to be more of a friend to a partner due to feelings of rejection
  • Attempting to attract what you desire but having to take things more slowly; rejecting romance and opting to grow the friendship first
  • Questioning whether friendship has potential to turn into romance
  • Rejecting the romantic overtures of a friend
  • May meet partner through a friend; new acquaintance


  • Children are impacting the relationship
  • Determining whether you agree on issues regarding children
  • Playful interactions; may need to remember childlike exuberance of love and romance
  • New friendships; younger friends
  • May be involved with someone from your childhood
  • New experiences–need for playfulness, socializing; celebrations
  • Dating someone new or younger
  • Collaborative efforts, partnership
  • The start of something new; initial stage
  • New, lighter way of being; fresh, positive change


  • Lucky circumstances involving someone who admires you or whom you admire
  • You have secret admirer who may be reluctant to come forward
  • Unexpected gift or opportunity–results surpass expectations
  • Someone interested that you hadn’t considered
  • Need for action–special someone is unaware they hold the key to your heart; hopes and dreams
  • Secret crush; someone is watching you


  • Need for change–remaining in relationship because of the financial or social status it affords
  • Sugar daddy/cougar relationship
  • Opportunity for change to release old situations, habits, or relationships–embracing new self-identity
  • Letting go of the past to follow a dream
  • Transformation in relationship–married but living separate lives
  • Changes in parental status; concerns related to parents, age, or aging
  • Generational or status differences create negative impact


  • Religious ceremony; family wedding
  • Commitment to family or faith
  • Memories related to a commitment; old wedding photos
  • Longing for more traditional values; wanting to be formal couple; missing being married; missing a partner
  • Past influence impacts commitment or relationship; reveling in the past
  • Difficulty moving on from relationship or commitment
  • Partnership from the past


  • Making secret travel plans related to new love
  • New love of traveling or travel to new place you’ve fallen in love with
  • Baggage surrounding secrets and new love
  • Something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding because of emotional baggage
  • New love stirs up the past and issues surrounding ego, childhood patterns, or previous relationships
  • Something needs to come to light–unresolved issues affect the way you engage
  • Secretly trying to escape to see new love OR attempting to get away from suitor
  • Partnering because of shared secrets (disappointments, negative histories) rather than because of shared goals or mutual interests
  • Inability to get past chronic or negative behaviors that damage or prevent new love; not letting go of old wounds and resentments
  • New love feels like heavy baggage; new love interest comes with too much baggage


  • Breakthrough in issues surrounding seduction
  • Something takes off–inspired to play the role of seducer or seduced
  • Sudden insight concerning hidden affair or secret relationship
  • Need to avoid impulsiveness regarding temptation
  • Unexpected visitor or news (may relate to person you find attractive and intriguing)
  • Awareness of heavy flirtation or sexual innuendos


  • Romantic getaway; love of travel; taking a trip or vacation with a partner; holiday
  • News sent or received from afar
  • Distancing yourself from romance; one of you full of hot air
  • Separated from someone you love; long-distance relationship
  • May need to go the distance with a partner in difficult situation
  • Whirlwind relationship–new relationship or moving old one to the next level; relationship takes off
  • Need to open up to love–making the first move
  • Exhilaration; honeymoon phase
  • Change in the wind


  • Playful perspective; light-hearted outlook
  • Perspective impacts your luck
  • Need for change in perspective regarding relationship–feeling as if you’re not taken seriously
  • Need to lighten up–need to have more down time or recreation
  • Enjoyment, having fun–preference for seeing only the more positive aspects of person or situation
  • Letting loose to reveal your perspective
  • Time out as some truth becomes glaringly obvious

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