Venus enters Taurus|Mar 4 – Apr 3, 2020

Venus is now in her own home and under her own dominion to do as she pleases. Here she will revel in fine food, drink, and the pleasure of luxury. And she’s in no rush–she’ll take her sweet time to enjoy the earthier side of life and pique your interest in all that’s beautiful, artistic, or creative.

Now that Venus has strutted out of the ardent sign of Aries and into the placid environment of Taurus, you’d prefer for things to calm down a bit. That’s not to say that there isn’t dogged determination in the pursuit of your desires, but slow like honey is the style of seduction you’ll be drawn to with suitors who offer a constancy in character. It won’t hurt either if a partner can casually rattle off a choice of the best vintage while bringing you up to speed on all that’s au courant. Not up for the cheap thrill, you’re looking for deliberation and deep pockets to bankroll intimate dinners and trinkets that arrive in small boxes. A prospect might just have you at hello if they can show you the money because you don’t mind helping them, help you. And why not? There are strong powers of attraction here.

In fact, provider takes on significant meaning in any relationship depending on your value system and what you expect to be provided. You’re willing to be faithful in return for the offer of security or admired for your power to offer it. When comfortable, you look for the long term–this is an investment after all. The problem with convenience is that it’s hard to give up. Once safely ensconced in the love nest you’ve created (if only in your mind), inertia or over-indulgence makes it difficult to realize that just like food, relationships aren’t healthy past the expiration date.

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