Shooting it Straight – Air Signs|Dec 16-20, 2019

Here’s a heads-up on the challenge or obstacle you’re likely to face in your love relationship this week (problem) and what’s at the root of it (action). The advice is irreverent, a bit cheeky, unfiltered and admittedly brazen. The message is putting either you or your partner on notice. You know who you are! If you’re offended by the truth or strong language–stop here.


There’s no love lost here–and none gained either. You’ve met your match–you’re both equally reluctant to show affection or make a move. While one of you may be willing to lay down your sword, the partner is all but ready to take you to task. This situation may require careful negotiation, a meeting of the minds, and important decisions that will bring resolution. It could be the choice to put nostalgia firmly behind you and cut off an ex. If coupled, you may be two people working through challenging issues of betrayal, illness, hardship, financial or emotional distress. If so, you could be exploring advice or counsel from outside sources. The result may be a decision to go it alone, deal with divorce, separation, or family matters. Whatever the case, there’s the conscious effort to remain guarded while coming to terms with the truth of your situation and past disappointments.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Got feelings?


Let’s be honest–these two cards aren’t the best of bedfellows. They both reek of secrecy, theft, deception, and avoidance. Someone wants to keep something on the down low, but try as either of you might to keep something hidden, secrets are likely to be revealed this week. But what’s being kept under wraps or avoided? A secret love affair? Stolen property? Emotional issues? Fame, notoriety? Either of you could feel emotionally out of sync with others for a variety of reasons, especially if you haven’t adequately dealt with the past or patterns from childhood. Ever-changing circumstances contribute to these fluctuating moods and for one of you, psychological concerns, depression, or financial worries are beginning to make you uneasy and affect your physical health. There’s an emotional decision to be made related to what provides a sense of security. It could manifest through travel, children, maternal instincts, or even food. There’s a cautionary tale about allowing yourself to be taken advantage of by choice or by chance. Look for a spotlight to be shone on your character or the integrity of others.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

What you don’t know, can hurt you.


One of you wants to gain the advantage, but before that can happen, some small changes need to take place. That could mean putting your guard down and giving in a little bit, especially if that intense energy doesn’t really have a focus and comes off more like a chip on your shoulder than anything else. Perhaps there’s cause for mistrust if in the past there were issues of infidelity, lack of passion, or sexual hang-ups that now drive the fear of waiting for the other shoe to drop and keeping one of you in constant defense mode. You’re starting to realize how the relationship has transitioned into something you no longer recognize. If you’re looking for some R.E.S.P.E.C.T., it may be time for you to find the courage to stand up for yourself or find a better way to influence an outcome where you’ve been consistently neglected or ignored.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Chop and change.

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[Deck: Touchstone Tarot|Kat Black|Kunati, Inc.]

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