Shooting it Straight – Water Signs|November 4-8, 2019

Here’s a heads-up on the challenge or obstacle you’re likely to face in your love relationship this week (problem) and what’s at the root of it (action). The advice is irreverent, a bit cheeky, unfiltered and admittedly brazen. The message is putting either you or your partner on notice. You know who you are! If you’re offended by the truth or strong language–stop here.


Beyond any enthusiasm about the World Cup, what else is wrapping up? Perhaps travel, a job, or a change of residence is in order. Either of you may be addressing the limitations of partnership or seeking the best possible outcome in a situation. Differences in culture, beliefs, social status, or race could be at the root. These challenges pressure you to move in a new and better direction that may feel disconcerting while also asking you to practice tolerance and compassion. In spite of rejection, broken trust, or resentment, someone is hoping for a fresh start that can only come through forgiveness and positive personal changes. If that doesn’t happen, the music is likely to end on a sour note for this duet, especially if one of you feels you’re the only one making an effort. There’s an invitation on offer that may involve the future, money, or a change of fortune.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

You mean the world to me.


There’s dissatisfaction regarding the slow pace of a situation. Perhaps one of you is ignoring an offer or feeling bored with the present circumstance. One of you may be indifferent or choosing to withdraw because devotion is simply lacking. This lack of motivation may cause either of you to miss an opportunity that would offer a deeper emotional exchange. It could be that one of you has chosen to move in a different direction because you can clearly see that a situation won’t work–now or in the future. In fact, someone feels restless or uneasy about some of the choices that have recently been made. However, you’ll both have to take a leap of faith and bring down any walls that block you from finding a new solution to an old dilemma. There’s an invitation to make progress that you’ll miss by avoiding change. Start by dealing with all those bad habits you’ve been paying the price for since way long ago.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Stock index.


Hey, over here! One of you is struggling to get the attention or respect you feel you deserve, especially if your partner is hell-bent on doing things their way. The result is a lot of negative energy and unnecessary drama that forces emotional withdrawal. If you’re expecting help or support from a partner–fuhgeddaboudit–there’s a broken bond that needs mending. One of you is so temperamental or unyielding in your approach that you’ve become–dare I say–neurotic. Someone’s so enchanted with competition and winning that it’s difficult to confront a situation honestly. Objectivity is all but lost. In the end, a situation may come down to faith. But is the faith healer a charlatan making charismatic promises that fail to deliver? Could be. But “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. It the prerequisite for hope and love.” Perhaps the problem stems from a lack of faith. Period.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Out of control.

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[Deck: Ancient Italian Tarot| Lo Scarabeo, Torino]

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