Love Notes: Weekend Oct 18-20, 2019

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: This weekend friendships fall under scrutiny with questions surrounding trust and feeling supported by those bonds. It’s possible to meet new suitors through acquaintances and social situations or that friends will have an influence over love prospects. There could also be the realization of romantic feelings that have long been suppressed with the potential to transform a platonic relationship and alter the previous connection. Pay attention to any warning signals as this may involve some measure of risk or the recognition of vulnerability due to change.


  • Rejection because of the desire for freedom
  • Rejecting giving up your freedom
  • Not breaking out of the routine for lack of freedom; inability to do something
  • Need to let go and move on from rejection; love has withered away
  • Relationship not moving forward due to lack of mutual feelings
  • Relationship likely to remain platonic rather than romantic
  • Disinterest; lack of attraction; incompatibility
  • Wrong love choice
  • One person investing time and energy without a return; strong possibility of getting hurt


  • Taking control through listening to spirit guides
  • Mind control; exploring the psyche
  • Need to seek direction on how to gain control
  • Open to inner voice regarding control issues
  • Authoritarian; domineering or aggressive behavior
  • Excessive demands; someone expecting the royal treatment; sense of entitlement
  • One partner taking most of responsibility for relationship


  • Feeling exhilaration because a relationship gone cold may suddenly reignite
  • Need to open to love
  • New relationship or moving current one to the next level
  • Closed avenues and opportunities reopen


  • Wondering if the chemistry is mutual
  • Connection with two people; difficulty choosing between partners
  • Balanced expression; juggling demands; balancing personal and professional life
  • Trying to maintain health and vitality; restoration of beauty; concern for atmosphere or environment
  • Weighing options; making important decisions
  • Working on equitable agreements, contracts, settlements
  • Legal issues; negotiations
  • Dual opportunities; choices; adjustments
  • Self-repression; issues of fairness
  • Sharing domestic responsibilities, parenting, finances, or assets


  • Intuition issues warning
  • Listening to instincts regarding temptation toward someone/thing
  • Trust yourself about whether this relationship should move forward or not; seduction
  • Intuition reveals a message about an encounter–unexpected encounter; fantasy
  • Foreboding of thwarted desires


  • Recognition that home life is less than ideal; giving up home or property
  • Stifled by family or domestic situation; inability to express or be creative
  • Lack of responsibility toward domestic affairs; oblivious, self-absorbed
  • Domestic squabbles; chaotic home situation
  • Unexpected repairs
  • Trouble through property or family
  • Lack of confidence in or from family


  • Giving or receiving love from a secret admirer
  • Opening your heart to love; need to bring love into your life
  • You may have a secret admirer who is reluctant to come forward
  • Special someone is unaware they hold the key to your heart
  • Someone you hadn’t considered is interested; secret crush
  • Someone is watching you


  • Waiting to move on from the pain
  • Patience in letting go of grief–almost there
  • Stuck in pain about something you thought was worth waiting for
  • Devoid of emotion after trying to build a foundation
  • Impulsively releasing emotions


  • Healing transformation; taking better care of self
  • Opportunity for change through self-love
  • Need for self-dialogue and rediscovery of inner beauty
  • Need for change in order to embrace a new self-identity; may need to love and appreciate self more
  • May be neglecting health and/or appearance
  • Obsession with perfectionism in self–need for self-acceptance
  • Improvements through following a dream; self-reflection
  • Need to put self first


  • Third party interference; three people in this relationship
  • Party of three; group dynamic at play
  • Harnessing personal power in group situation
  • Multiple suitors vying for attention; center of attention
  • Love triangles
  • Jealousy–stuck in outdated thinking
  • One person being catered to by multiple persons


  • Strength of seduction; temptation; clandestine or hidden affair
  • You find new person intriguing
  • Playing the role of seducer or seduced; high self-esteem
  • Fearlessly taking action to act on attraction; sexual innuendos; heavy flirtation
  • Seduction is vital in maintaining relationship
  • Need for balance and grounding regarding temptation


  • Being stalked by or stalking someone from the past (social media)
  • Shadow behavior rooted in past lives or the past; dancing with the devil
  • Past conditioning affects your relationship
  • May be dealing with an ex or old lover from your past
  • Unfinished business; hidden aspects of self or a situation
  • Fear or illusions related to the past; need to acknowledge fears
  • Something from a long time ago
  • Past life connection as part of agreement to continue love through this incarnation

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