Money Honey|Leo – October 1-15

It’s news to no one that economic hardship has a negative impact on marriage and relationship. Money is the number one issue of contention between couples and very often the basis for divorce. The partner controlling the purse strings wields considerable influence and power which can either be sustaining or destructive in its abuse. On the other hand, a “money honey” is someone who uses money to find happiness or fill the gap when love is not available. A more positive expression is money as a source of honey–an energy resource that sweetens the deal by allowing couples to creatively focus on making the most of a relationship.

This is your prosperity outlook for the next two weeks.


Gold: Where you’re looking for or could possibly strike gold as it relates to wealth, a golden opportunity, or the transmutation of a negative situation into something positive. Negatively, this could be an area that involves greed and materialism or where decisions come at high cost.

Events will involve trying to gain the advantage in decisions, restore order, beauty, or harmony, and/or seek justice or fairness.

12th House: You’re seeking gold through your efforts to face karma and gain clarity about the nebulous side of situations. You may be offering compassion to those in need, practicing more meditation and reflection, or working through grief or conditioned patterns of self-sabotaging behavior. This suggests dealings with large institutions, healing, and places of retreat or confinement. It’s possible that secrets or a behind-the-scenes influence is at play that may also include persons working to undermine you. (Possible connections to a sun, moon, or rising Libra person)

Honey: This is the slice of the pie you feel belongs to you; your proverbial taste of honey.

This may be where you or others are either indulgent, extravagant, apathetic, or helpful and nurturing. You may be very sexually attracted or drawn to beauty in objects or persons. Perhaps you’re motivated and excited about working creatively to give birth to a project, pursuit, or child that would make way for a new beginning. Other scenarios may include maternal figures or women that are important to you. However, there’s a fleeting energy to this area of life that could quickly burn out. Situations may require patient application on your part, the occasional respite to regain footing, and the ability to positively express yourself in order to smooth out a difficult situation.

7th House: You’re looking for that sweet spot through partnership with others of mutual commitment, legal or otherwise. Situations may involve contracts, agreements, or court cases. You may reviewing issues of cooperation versus asserting and maintaining your own individuality. This could trigger confrontation by bringing hostilities out into the open. (Possible connections to a sun, moon, or rising Taurus person)

Opportunity: The opening for you to accomplish, gain an advantage or entryway.

There’s a change of fortune that may involve money, travel, or the future. This may include close ties and social functions that allow you to connect or reconnect. There’s the attempt to establish a foundation to move ahead with a project or union by making some beneficial changes that affect security. There’s luck involved and the goal is to determine where you stand in matters.

4th House: Opportunity may arrive through family, domestic conditions, home, the base of operation, or real estate matters. You may be sorting through memories, particularly as they relate to parents or family heritage. Your desire is for a place of sanctuary, figuratively or physically. There’s the chance to deal with the past and bring closure through a natural cycle of ending.

Strength: This is the area of life where you are determined, and as a result, are finally coming into your own (or attempting to) or gaining strength and authority.

This is likely to do with change, for better or worse, within partnerships or to agreements where you will examine what you’re receiving in relation to what you’re giving. It may have an impact on money, travel, or the future. Depending on how you justify your feelings, these bonds will either strengthen or deteriorate.

6th House: You want to reach your full potential in matters related to your everyday existence. This means being mindful of the mind/body connection and taking care of both physical and emotional needs. You may decide to make improvements to your health regimen or your approach to work or employment. The focus is on attention to detail, proficiency, improvement or repair in areas of your life where you could be more effective.

Yes: Where you will open to a situation presented, give or seek a yes answer, or will receive the go ahead.

This may relate to information or research and using the power of persuasion to move a situation toward your favor or for the gain of recognition. You may need more time alone to accomplish a goal, delve deeper into spirituality, or address mental or physical health issues or concerns related to aging. It’s possible that to promote your interest, you’ll face confrontation and differing views; especially when pushing too hard for an agenda. The advantage comes through listening objectively rather than reacting impulsively.

5th House: You’re looking for the green light with regard to situations that can offer you fun, recreation, and the ability to express your unique talents. This might mean showcasing your creativity or producing something representative of you. There’s an urge to be central in situations that bring joy or love. This may suggest romantic involvement, the ability to attract others, or spending time with children. Financially, prospects may include a risk factor, investment, or speculation. (Possible connections to sun, moon, or rising Virgo person and/or other fire signs could play the agent of change.)

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