Love Notes: Weekend Aug 30-Sept 1

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: What did that mean? Should I or shouldn’t I? Accept, or no? He/she loves me, he/she loves me not. This weekend you’ll be busy either trying to decipher the messages you receive or determining whether you should reach out to someone. Whether you’re issuing or receiving a declaration of feelings or extending an invitation, one of you is likely to be wearing a game face and playing your cards close to the chest. There’s a need to look deeper to discern the hidden meaning behind words, to read between the lines, and to dig beneath the surface for the whole truth and nothing but. Should the lines cross due to mixed signals, stay optimistic.


  • Intuition about whether to put something out there; taking a risk
  • Trust your instincts about whether this relationship feels right or should move forward; happiness, laughter, enjoyment
  • Intuition tells you to tread lightly regarding ties to the past
  • Intuition reveals a message about an encounter


  • You/partner tempted by someone/something; lust, seduction
  • There are three people in this relationship
  • Desire–fantasies; unexpected encounters
  • One person catered to by multiple partners/suitors
  • Multiple suitors vying for attention
  • Thwarted desires–too much competition
  • Love triangle


  • Inability to recreate the past; difficulty moving on
  • Disagreements about when or if to have children
  • Not wanting to grow up; reveling in the past
  • Past influences; childhood memories dictate
  • Infertility; miscarriage; abortion; unwanted or difficult pregnancy
  • Difficult adoption
  • Immaturity; lack of experience


  • Ego influences the ability to give/receive love
  • Relationship hindered by arrogance, selfishness, or ego–need to bring more love into life; big head/small heart
  • Release ego to become more open-hearted
  • Pride prevents one from taking action toward love
  • Self-righteousness or refusal to compromise
  • Relationship needs mending
  • Ego in connection to self-love


  • Trying to manifest a friendship; working with a friend toward a goal
  • Taking things slowly by growing a friendship before getting romantically involved; focusing will in establishing relationship; alchemy
  • Personal power–friendship has potential to turn into romance
  • May meet a partner through a friend; new acquaintance
  • Stuck in a way of thinking that keeps you at friend level


  • Breakthrough in a complicated situation; sudden inspiration or insight; something takes off
  • Insights related to difficulties; understanding of complexities
  • Complications in creating a breakthrough–difficulties that interfere with flow of relationship i.e. third-parties; children/partners from previous relationships; office romance; extra-marital affairs; health challenges, etx.
  • Difficulties because of unexpected visitor or news
  • Misunderstandings; need to avoid impulsiveness
  • Difficulty finding your way through a situation


  • Acting as or connecting to a spiritual messenger
  • Revelation from hidden sources tied to beliefs or faith; subliminal messages; what you believe someone is trying to tell you
  • Spiritual self-awareness; controlled by beliefs
  • Contemplation, inner listening; spiritual reflection
  • Deep spiritual connection; thinking about whether values align
  • Relationship for spiritual evolution; relationship teaches spiritual lesson
  • Answered prayers


  • Spiritual awakening through financial situations
  • Letting bygones be bygones; adopting a more spiritual outlook
  • Open-mindedness–recognizing Spirit
  • Working for a cause–nature/humanity
  • Lost receipts; lack of records; need for grounding
  • Getting what you deserve (good or bad)


  • Knowledge or truth regarding real estate, home, or family
  • Seeking inner peace; home as sanctuary; happy home situations
  • Domestic bliss with a partner
  • May be purchasing home, new property, setting up house, redecorating or moving, moving in together
  • Need for guidance regarding home or property


  • Excitement through exploring the psyche; spirit guides; open to inner voice
  • Relationship is mutual fun ride that may/may not develop into something deeper
  • Pleasure through the company of another
  • Not a serious relationship; friend with benefits
  • Need to seek direction; transportation; in love with a new vehicle
  • Amusement, entertainment, thrill-seeking, obsessed with having fun


  • Abundant chemistry; strong attraction; magnetism
  • Sexual chemistry; passion; desire
  • Physical attraction; sexual encounters
  • Chemistry attracts abundance; reaping fruit of efforts; gratitude
  • Connection with nature
  • Chemistry affected by scarcity mentality


  • Opportunity for change through a reconciliation; transformation
  • Making peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts–need for change
  • Reconnecting with someone you previously separated from
  • Working out issues or terms; relationship counseling or therapy
  • Falling in love again; following a dream; embracing a new identity
  • Reunion; make up after break up

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