Shooting it Straight – Fire Signs/Aug 26-30

Here’s a heads-up on the challenge or obstacle you’re likely to face in your love relationship this week (problem) and what’s at the root of it (action). The advice is irreverent, a bit cheeky, unfiltered and admittedly brazen. The message is putting either you or your partner on notice. You know who you are! If you’re offended by the truth or strong language–stop here.


In case you don’t know what slow-rolling in poker is, that’s when the winner pompously revels in turning his cards over ever so slowly to reveal the triumph over his very surprised opponent. It’s considered bad form. Someone’s taking their sweet time to make a decision or a choice–on purpose. The hold up is due to either apathy or instability, but it’s blocking progress and causing one of you to have to take a second look at habits that have become financially or emotionally costly. A situation is at a crossroad and either of you may be questioning the devotion to a partnership where you have felt compromised, especially if there have been breaches of trust (i.e. dishonesty with money, third party interference, temptations, secret trysts). It’s likely that one of you may be dealing with an ill-considered decision or impossible choice. Events require that you review the bottom line to gain clarity about taking on more responsibility in order to resolve the disconnect between what you’d like your reality to be versus what actually is.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


Someone is refusing to listen–to the naysayers, gossips, troublemakers, bullies–even if they seem to be in charge. This may tie to a connection from the past, an ex, or anyone who tries to exert authority over you. One of you has felt the limitation of ongoing restrictions caused by negative situations rife with hostility, selfishness, and manipulation–and you’re not having it. At the core has been impatience or hubris that tempted one of you to take some foolish risks that didn’t end well. The problem is rooted in failing to read the motives of others accurately or recognizing what the appropriate limits or boundaries should be. If fear is the motivational factor, you won’t stand a shot in hell at pushing past a challenge. It’s possible that you may have to make a deal with the devil to bring matters out into the open, but at least you’ll know where you stand. With any luck, a quicksilver solution will pull you back from the edge to break the chains that have kept you bound to unhealthy situations and behaviors.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Tell the truth and shame the devil.


Help wanted. That’s not an ad–that’s your proclamation for the week. You’re seeking counsel, guidance, advice, input and anything else for that matter that would offer some improvement to jump-start your situation, especially if you’re up against the wall and out of ideas. Some things have come to light recently that focus on lackluster performance, unfulfilled expectations, or the lack of motivation. One of you is starting to realize that the passion is waning or just not there. It’s possible that the cracks are beginning to show and threatening to weaken the foundation of your relationship–too many demands, emotional neediness, or insecurities of the other. Additional pressures from the outside are knocking at the door and prompting one of you to open it to some doomed decisions. But there’s a difference between dramatic change and just plain drama. When you figure out the spark that lights which fire, you’ll transcend the mediocrity of your circumstance.

And what is it that either of you may need to know but don’t really want to hear?

Sit back and relax–if you feel relaxed in the back.

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[Deck: Smith-Waite Tarot Deck Borderless Edition| U.S. Games Systems, Inc.]

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