Love Notes: Weekend July 19-21

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Themes for All the Signs: This weekend asks that you unpack the emotional baggage you’ve been dragging around in order to address and heal family (or those that feel like family) issues. This may mean striking a healthier balance between work and personal life, looking at how excessive travel is impacting your relationship, or alternatively, whether you need to go on holiday together to get away from it all. Situations will force you to examine whether the life you’re living on the outside is authentically aligned with the life you’d prefer to live on the inside. When the two are incongruent, you’ll feel the need to make necessary adjustments. This could mean strengthening bonds or allowing them to finally break.


  • Not getting the opportunity to express yourself
  • Lack of recognition or confidence
  • Creative blocks; inability to share creative ideas
  • Getting creative to deal with blockages
  • Being oblivious or self-absorbed closes the door on opportunity
  • Lack of opportunity or motivation
  • Opportunities blocked by external circumstances; lack of confidence in an opportunity


  • Three dreams may be important; dream guidance
  • Third parties are instrumental to your dreams; aspirations
  • Dreaming of a love triangle; three people in relationship; menage-a-trois
  • Third party interference
  • Being unrealistic about third party involvement
  • Multiple suitors; one person catered to by multiple parties


  • Guidance about distancing yourself from a situation
  • Guidance from spirit guides; exploring your psyche
  • Need to seek direction (emotionally or regarding a trip)
  • Long distance relationship
  • Taking trip or vacation with a partner; holiday
  • Listening to inner voice about making the first move
  • Whirlwind relationship
  • Change in the wind
  • May need to go the distance with a partner in a difficult situation


  • Birth of realization that you need to take better care of yourself; healing
  • Taking care of self after the birth of a child; conception; fertility; new baby in the home; adoption
  • Trying to conceive; fertile period (physically or creatively)
  • New beginnings; initial stages; revitalization
  • Baby announcement; baby shower
  • Need for new way of thinking–positive mindset


  • Intuition regarding possibilities; exhilaration
  • Awareness of desire for freedom
  • Trust your instincts about whether this relationship feels right or should move forward
  • Intuition reveals message through an encounter
  • Following your gut and breaking out of the routine
  • Intuition about the need to let go and move on


  • Strong focus on the past and/or past-life relationships
  • Past conditioning affects relationship
  • Possibilities that tie to the past; something from a long time ago
  • Developing creative outlet you started in the past or that relates to history
  • Start of something; may be dealing with old lover or ex from the past
  • Fantasy or inaction prevents you from moving on from the past
  • Unfinished business; loose ends in relationship
  • Playfulness in reconnecting with someone from the past


  • Rebirth of friendship or kindred spirit
  • Renewal of collaborative efforts or partnerships
  • Rebirth through making positive personal changes in or because of relationship
  • Celebration of a birthday; socializing
  • Reawakening of desires you thought were dead
  • Revitalization of relationship; relationship starts again in new form
  • Second chances
  • Re-entering the dating scene; coming out of isolation; social butterfly
  • Changing your appearance
  • Need to come out of your cocoon for play and socializing


  • Something illuminating concerning a child or someone from childhood
  • Giving advice regarding a child; solving a problem
  • Children are impacting the relationship
  • Something new; initiating
  • May be involved with someone from your childhood
  • Dating someone younger
  • Need to take a leadership role
  • Being more playful or childlike in romantic interactions


  • Pretending to have fun or that you’re enjoying yourself
  • Deception surrounding transportation; powerful ride (vehicle or experience)
  • Relationship is mutual fun ride that may/may not develop into something deeper
  • Not a serious relationship; friends with benefits
  • Amusement, entertainment, fun
  • Fearlessly taking action–thrill seeking
  • Need for balance in seeking entertainment


  • Dead end situations surrounding getting support from others
  • Belief in self in spite of dead end situations
  • A relationship you placed trust or faith in is going nowhere
  • Round and round about the same issues without resolution
  • False start; repetitive behavior
  • Confusion about where relationship is headed
  • Recognizing vulnerability–no-win situations; progress blocked
  • Feeling protected by closing the door or when progress is suddenly stalled


  • Putting things in proper perspective; good news; celebration
  • Need for change in perspective about relationship may open doors
  • Change in perspective that comes through travel
  • Preference for seeing only positive aspects of person or situation
  • Perspective about putting self first
  • Truth becoming glaringly obvious as time goes on
  • Need for positive shift–may require relaxation, movement (physically or in a situation), exercise


  • Anger about lack of clarity
  • Harnessing your personal power to get clear; passionate about getting to the bottom of a situation
  • Uncertainty about how to manifest plans/dreams
  • Currently operating in the dark with little hope of getting clear
  • Who’s in charge?
  • Leadership, need to take charge
  • Failure to speak your truth
  • Not sure how you or other person feels; where is the passion?
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