Love Notes: Weekend July 5-7

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: This weekend you may be inspired to gain knowledge or guidance concerning new interests you are excited about and wish to pursue. You can also expect to have some deep heart-to-heart conversations where you discuss the wisdom of starting a relationship or partnership (or not). Your intuition plays a vital role in revealing the truth through these exchanges and helping to establish your own inner peace about this connection. In some cases, as you reveal your inner most thoughts to one another, you set the stage for the start of courtship and stimulate the possibility for new love.


  • Dead end conversations; relationship going nowhere
  • Difficulty expressing joy; release of self-repression
  • False start; closing the door in your face
  • Repetitive behavior; going over same issues without resolution
  • Progress blocked regarding doing what you love
  • No win situations; no apparent solution
  • Relationship or conversation that starts and seems to be heading somewhere then suddenly ends
  • Confusion about where relationship is headed


  • Passionate expression of ego; anger
  • Ego surrounding knowledge or wisdom
  • Awareness that relationship is hindered by arrogance, selfishness, or ego
  • Knowledge or truth about pride preventing one from taking action
  • Seeking inner peace with regard to ego; opening to higher self
  • Need for spiritual guidance–relationship needs mending
  • Refusal to compromise; self-righteousness
  • Ego drives passion


  • Balance in self-expression; balancing interest in new pursuit
  • Discussions about weighing options; dual opportunities; choices
  • Focus on fairness regarding domestic responsibilities, parenting, finance, or assets
  • Working on agreement for equitable resolution or distribution
  • Two things you love (may be creative); choosing between two partners
  • Confidence in negotiations; legal situations
  • Dating an attorney
  • Balancing personal and professional life
  • Oblivious, or too self-absorbed to recognize unfairness or imbalance
  • Adjustments; balancing being in the spotlight


  • A focus on solitude; private world; retreat
  • Thinking about being alone or why you’re alone; one of you thinks the other wants to be alone
  • Creativity let loose when alone; possibilities or insights that come when it is quiet
  • Fantasy, lack of action results in being alone
  • Starting something alone; greater need for solitude rather than engaging with others
  • Thinking about spending more time alone together as a couple


  • Broken-heart concerning belief in a dream
  • Need to sort out the truth about a broken heart
  • Disappointment due to hurt, loss, betrayal, separation or break-up of relationship
  • Broken heart as a result of being unrealistic


  • Transformation that accompanies working on self
  • Self-acceptance of an ending; facing truth
  • Ready to begin relationship after working through issues of self-worth
  • Self-acceptance in spite of shortcomings
  • Coming to terms with waiting in vain


  • Confident in a new opportunity; confidence opens doors
  • Successfully opening the door to opportunity
  • Chance to gain recognition
  • Taking the opportunity for self-appreciation
  • Opportunity to create beneficial changes when you take the initiative
  • Opportunity makes you feel confident


  • Intuition about a lack of privacy
  • Guidance about revealing too much and it working against you
  • Exploring the psyche–someone prying into your personal affairs
  • Opening to your inner voice and what it tells you about someone who is difficult to know and very private


  • Motivated or driven to compete
  • Moving on from criticism, drama, or competitive situations
  • Creating, following plan that may involve comparison shopping or record-keeping (i.e. receipts, tickets, maps, directions)
  • A focus on the negative; red flags
  • Power plays; trading favors
  • Having to pay high price for relationship
  • Aimlessness, need for orientation due to fear of change or commitment; unreliability


  • Waiting to have a family; waiting on a family member
  • Patience required for dealing with family or extended family
  • Building a foundation with someone who shares your family values
  • Creating family traditions together
  • Patient about the desire to start a family
  • Impulsiveness related to family


  • Sudden inspiration concerning the past or creating a legacy
  • History of taking off
  • Unexpected visitor or news related to property
  • Issues related to family wealth, power, or influence; old money
  • Insight regarding historical wealth–wills, inheritance, assets, investments, royalties
  • Dealing with powerful individuals
  • Need to avoid impulsiveness due to conservatism or traditional values
  • Staying within perceived social status when dating; arranged marriage


  • Lack of faith in something taking off
  • Taking off because of a lack of shared spiritual principles
  • Freedom from dogmatism or stringent belief system
  • Unable to start a journey or break into new horizons
  • Running away from or because of false sense of rightness
  • Conflicting faith negatively impacts relationship
  • May view partner as savior or guru

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