Love Notes: Weekend June 7-9

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: This weekend the focus is on healing some area of your life–physical, emotional, financial. Situations may require that you place your own needs first and foremost in order to pursue a dream or opportunity. Taking time out for personal care and releasing judgment or obsession with perfection creates fortunate circumstances that enable you to have a healthier relationship both with self and with others.


  • Imagining you’ve been criticized; negativity
  • Contemplating bills; comparison shopping; transportation issues (cars, airline)
  • Critical thinking–two heads are better than one; weighing options
  • Need for time out from the score-keeping
  • Unable or unwilling to share ideas or compromise; narrow-minded
  • Taking stock of inconsistencies in speech or behavior; red flags
  • Keeping mental record of wrongs in your mind
  • Strategy due to extreme competition; power plays
  • Having to pay high price for relationship


  • Pushing boundaries of what’s fair
  • Making decisions concerning new horizons; seeking adventure
  • New perceptions about how to restore order; need to wake up to situation that is out of balance
  • Important decisions regarding domestic responsibilities, parenting, finance or assets
  • Changes to legal situations; negotiations; adjustments
  • Balancing responsibilities with need for adventure; balance between professional and personal life
  • Dual opportunities; choosing between two partners
  • Working on agreements for equitable resolution


  • Renewal of faith; change in beliefs
  • Faith brings something you thought dead back to life
  • Renewal of deep spiritual connection where there are shared core values
  • Relationship brings about spiritual evolution
  • Reconnecting for purpose of spiritual lesson (only)
  • Answered prayers regarding resurrecting a relationship
  • Moving on from the old–one of you more focused on developing spiritual growth rather than being in relationship


  • Clarity regarding situation where there’s been difficulty dealing with reality
  • Getting clear about believing in your dreams and pursuing a vision
  • Coming to a clear understanding by sorting through the facts
  • Light-bulb moment; hidden revealed
  • Awareness of creating a magical reality
  • Gaining truth; something about interactions bring important issues to light


  • Your intuition will reveal something; revelation that you already knew because of intuition
  • Intuition tells you to take a closer look at something; behind the curtain
  • Discovery of power of intuition; every day magic
  • Instincts provide the clues as to whether this relationship feels right or should move forward
  • Intuition reveals a message through an encounter


  • Financial history; legacy; past wealth; old money
  • Abundance through property; large estate
  • You/partner may come from family with great deal of wealth, power, influence
  • Reaping rewards; historical wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • Staying within perceived elevated social circle when dating; arranged marriage; marriage of convenience
  • Powerful individuals; traditional values; conservatism
  • Gratitude–need for shift away from scarcity consciousness


  • Seduced by freedom
  • Feeling free or uninhibited in playing the role of seducer or seduced; exhilaration
  • Breaking routine or moving away from the norm regarding seduction
  • Pushing the envelope–feeling you can do anything in seductive encounter
  • You find new person intriguing; heavy flirtation; temptation; sexual innuendos
  • Breaking free to connect with lover; hidden affair; secret or clandestine affair
  • Need to let go and move on from an affair or temptation


  • Illusion of waiting or having patience
  • Illusion of being close/almost there
  • Some aspect of self, relationship, or partner is illusory and not as it appears on the surface
  • Time to build real foundation as opposed to superficial relationship built on appearances–“appearing” happy, financially stable, attractive, successful, etc.
  • Turning your back on illusions and waiting for something worthwhile
  • Impulsiveness due to excessive concern with looks
  • Refusal to see the truth; need to take a closer look
  • Projections; behavior reflected back


  • Someone you share(d) passion with is not reciprocating
  • Relationship likely to remain platonic
  • Disinterest; lack of attraction
  • Rejecting desire, love or lust
  • Difficulty finding your passion or bliss
  • Wrong love choice; incompatibility


  • Karma plays a role in the future; need for clarity
  • Karmic circumstances involving money
  • Karmic relationship or soul mate situation connects to good fortune; possibilities
  • Connection enables you to learn karmic lesson, pay karmic debt or evolve spiritually through experience orchestrated by the Universe
  • Thoughts are things–manifesting with thoughts to create positive/negative karma
  • Connection continues through many incarnations
  • Providence; fate steps in; divine intervention


  • Belief in self despite complicated circumstances
  • Feeling protected during complex situations
  • Support from others to deal with difficulty
  • Complexities that interfere with ease and flow of relationship–i.e. third parties; children/partners from previous relationships; office romance; extra-marital affairs; health challenges, etc.
  • Recognizing vulnerability; difficulty finding your way through a situation
  • Situations that call for trust–misunderstandings


  • Healing a broken heart; time out; need for self-love
  • Broken heart connects to issues of healing
  • Working to heal disappointment because of hurt, loss, betrayal, separation or break up of relationship

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|Ursula Blanks and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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