Mars enters Gemini

Mars energy instigates an active mind and restlessness in the sign of Gemini, which in turn, can cause you to scatter your energy or take on more than you can handle. Although with focus, this is a good time to tackle duties that require mental acuity. There is increased activity through interactions with those in your daily environment. These exchanges may result either in working collaboratively or in dispute. This may be due to an increased edge to words and dialogue that lends an overtone of criticism to conversations. It is likely that you are aligning your ego with opinions that lead you to respond through argument. You may be making a concerted effort to force others to see the world as you do. While you can be a worthy verbal opponent if need be, make sure that a fight is worth the effort. Positively, a ready wit that aids the ability to sell a concept can generate support for your ideas.

(Image: Ilya Repin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)


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