Daily Tarot: Four of Cups

“What does not satisfy when we find it, was not the thing we were desiring.” C.S. Lewis

Knowing what you don’t want may be just as important, if not more so, as knowing what you do want. This could be a day full of opportunity and offerings depending on your perspective and how tuned in you are to your intuition. The Universe is making an offer, but blink and you could miss out. It may be that you are satisfied with present circumstances wanting nothing more than to remain in gratitude for current blessings. You are content in the knowledge that should you need more, it is there for the asking. Additionally, a birds-eye view of situations enhances the ability to determine whether what is offered from others merits your attention or is more of a problem in the making.

However, you may be longing for something more but not quite knowing exactly what. A sense of boredom or lack can make you feel depressed and unmotivated. You may have lost your purpose, your path or feel that a relationship is empty. Perhaps you are filled with regret about the past choices you have made or failing to see the positive aspects of a situation. Your response may be to socially withdraw while you search for answers or solutions to resolve your issues. Your dissatisfaction may be prolonged if you reject help or support or allow self-pity to overtake you. Perhaps renewing your connections will give you something to look forward to. Keep the faith as matters could very well be taking a turn for the better.

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(Deck:  Golden Tarot by Kat Black| U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)


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