Sun enters Pisces

As the Sun enters the compassionate sign of Pisces, you may begin to tap into the altruistic side of self while becoming more sympathetic and charitable to others. Conversely, there is the possibility of gain through hidden sources. However, you may wish to withdraw from society because of a desire for seclusion. In fact, this is an excellent period to go within for quiet reflection, to explore your dreams or devote time toward creative activities. You may take up the study of a musical instrument, paint or spend time near the water. Keep in mind that the Sun is not altogether comfortable behind the scenes–watch out for mixed signals in your interactions. You or others may become more secretive and there could be clandestine, deceptive or confusing elements in situations. There is a propensity for victimization or the perception of such, although a negative attitude or your own inner inhibitions can often be the source of difficulties.

(Image: Joseph’s Dream, Gaetano Gandolfi)

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