Mercury in Pisces

While Mercury is in Pisces, the mind can be either creative or convoluted. The quick-witted, detail-oriented sharpness of Mercury gives way to dreamy etherealism, shady thinking, and possible self-undoing through poor judgment. You may be especially secretive and less likely to assert at this time, preferring to keep thoughts to yourself and sometimes creating problems as a result. Communication can suffer through difficulty in expression and plans may never be executed due to a lack of motivation or energy. Additionally, Mercury is “the trickster” and can be prone to producing entangling situations that involve secrets and outright lying while traveling through Pisces. However, activities that rely on artistic vision, are meditative or require solitude may generate beneficial results. This may manifest through the exploration of the subconscious or hidden parts of your psyche or heightened intuitive perception. It is also possible that communication will involve those who are ill or in trouble.  You may have increased contact with hospitals or places of confinement. As thinking can be rather murky, tread carefully when signing papers or agreements. You can be easily influenced by others during this time.

(By Edmond Lebel (mrblackmanelakash) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

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