Venus enters Capricorn

Friends in high places and increased popularity will create favorable circumstances in your professional life. Those in authority are inclined to facilitate opportunity in business. During this period, efforts toward working harmoniously with others will tend to pay dividends. For those working in artistic endeavors, there could be a pronounced emphasis on design or enhancing the company image (i.e. revamping your website, promotional materials or redecorating the work space). Public relations with the public can bring increased reward. Relationships at the office may also take off, particularly with superiors. In fact, you may find yourself in a May-December romance or attracted to persons of influence and prestige who may be older and better established financially. Your inclination is to develop connections that have the potential for the long-term and therefore your attraction will lean toward serious and practical individuals with a sense of responsibility who offer constancy. Positively, a relationship may serve to further interests through one of you playing the role of mentor. However, be careful of developing relationships solely for profit. Additionally, too much emotional restraint or domineering behavior can end in disappointment or separation.

(Image: The Banker and His Wife, Marinus Van Reymerswale)

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