Daily Tarot: Seven of Wands

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.” Jack Welch

Your focus for the day is getting ahead and rising above the fray. You may prefer working autonomously without interference from others, but you are likely to meet with lots of demands for your advice, suggestions or assistance. As a result, you may have to shuffle your schedule or adapt your stance in order to accommodate change. You may play the role of motivator, especially if you hold a supervisory position. Your ability to inspire and encourage plays a vital role in success. Your choice of words and tone can make the difference in whether others feeling judged or criticized. On the other hand, decisions to avoid necessary confrontation simply prolong problematic situations and prevent you from making a beneficial change.

Negatively, an advantage may be temporary and you could find yourself vulnerable and under siege. Doubt and uncertainty provoked by fear of making decisions, rejection or what the future holds can cause you to miss opportunities. Perhaps a goal or objective appears so daunting that you are overwhelmed and decide to give up. At worst, you may experience victimization, but it is more likely that unhappiness is caused by an intractable way of thinking.

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(Deck:  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck|U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)



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