Sun enters Aquarius

The Sun is naturally inclined to operate under conditions that underscore individuality or personal empowerment. It’s entrance in the sign of Aquarius may manifest as a pronounced desire to rebel against any restriction in the urge for independence. However, the group dynamic is emphasized and you will focus more on involvement with friends, groups, and organizations. The Sun’s placement gives rise to an intuitive understanding of human nature encouraging you to be adaptable and more willing to be of service. As a result, you may accomplish more during this time through joining forces with others and working cooperatively toward common goals. It will be essential to know yourself and understand your own personal values in order to effectively become a team player without losing your integrity or identity.  Win-win situations are the ultimate goal and you are likely to have contact with prominent individuals who are in a position to advance your interests. Being clear in recognizing your own ideals will aid in the achievement of mutual fulfillment.

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