Daily Tarot: Justice

“Justice?–You get justice in the next world. In this one, you have the law.” William Gaddis

In the best of worlds, you should strive for win-win situations. You may deal with those in authority through arbitration, negotiation, or working on contract agreements. In some cases, this may involve legal issues or entanglements. Otherwise, you are making important decisions that may require looking at how to restore order or create better balance in your life. Perhaps you are considering a new health and fitness regimen or lessening the workload to devote more time to personal interests. You may be discussing shared obligations or responsibilities and coming up with ways to fairly divide them. This process will likely entail making concessions to accommodate yourself, your needs or that of a partner. Keeping everything in proper perspective will allow for a smooth transition during these changes.

On the other hand, a lack of accountability or conscience creates problems. Perhaps there is a need to offer an apology, but a sense of self-righteousness blocks the ability to see your negative contribution to a situation. Nevertheless, others are inclined to call out your shortcomings for the settling of old debts, financial or otherwise. Something off-kilter in circumstances may need to be addressed, hopefully, without the intervention of the law. You may experience a failure, injustice or unfair treatment because of a wrong decision, red tape or abuse of power.

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