Daily Tarot: Eight of Swords

“Our mind is our greatest captor.”  Unknown

You may feel a little stir crazy or boxed in by present circumstances. You may be irritated because of poor timing in the receipt of short notice that requires you to change course and take on extra responsibilities. Physically, perhaps you are cramped by or concerned with small spaces–cubicles, small rooms, garages, storage spaces, boxes, etc. Maybe you are coming up short on intellectual or creative ideas or going in circles to find a resolution to a conundrum. In most cases, the blockages you experience are due in some measure to your resistance. You may fail to assert yourself for fear of exercising your own personal power. Pessimism or a lack of confidence can prevent your progress. You may be grappling with problems in communicating, misunderstandings or failure to see an evident truth. However, you should not allow your fears to limit you from trying something new or taking needed risks. If you don’t have the information you need to make a decision, seek out those who can help.

Ultimately, the goal is to empower yourself by removing an obstacle and setting yourself free. This may require overcoming a fear or facing a demon. You create a new beginning where you can finally see your way out of a dilemma. This could be breaking the constraints of a confining relationship, job, or situation in order to make your escape. As a result, your worries and anxiety subside. You realize that you are not helpless and that any restrictions are merely an illusion.

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