Daily Tarot: Three of Cups

“Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.” Unknown

In an era where terms like “fake news” and “alternative facts” have become commonplace, it’s not surprising at how difficult it is to discern the truth. Your exchanges with others will encourage you to determine just that. Delightfully, this will be a day of sharing, celebrating and socializing with friends and loved ones. You may attend a party, go out for happy hour, or participate in a celebration due to a joyous occasion. If you have recently had health concerns you may be healing and in recovery mode. These heartfelt interactions are also opportunities to convey important news as well as a bit of gossip. As a result, misunderstandings can either be resolved or instigated.

“Loose lips, sink ships,” and therefore, it may not be the best idea to pass along secrets. In fact, you’ll need to be careful about letting your imagination run wild and jumping to conclusions based on what you’ve been told. It’s possible that someone in your circle may be a little loose with the facts and not altogether truthful in what they’re saying. Perhaps they’re exaggerating, embellishing or being indiscreet. Sharing information will somehow serve a purpose and possibly a hidden agenda. And where there is any form of sharing, the possibility exists that someone will be taken advantage of. There can be an excessive behavior of hedonism, promiscuity or other harmful excess. Hopefully, any planned festivities won’t be ruined or canceled.

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(Deck:  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck|U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

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