Venus enters Sagittarius

You grow through your relationships with others as well as efforts at expanding your perception of beauty. Venus in Sagittarius may inspire you to seek out new experiences that both challenge and alter your view of beauty. In the extreme, this can cause you to scatter your energies in too many directions. Positively, there may be a renewed interest in the arts or culture or idealism regarding relationships. You may decide to participate in events or situations that you previously have not been exposed to. For the lucky select, this transit can be a motivating factor that encourages an enjoyable trip or vacation that allows you to soak up a new culture, concept or environment. If travel isn’t in the cards, you may attract connections that are foreign or novel and can provide insight that you may lack.  It’s also possible that a loved one will provide the consciousness-expanding experience that grants self-awareness and a better understanding of your relationship. Despite occasional moodiness, you may experience benefit, reward and a more peaceful state of mind.

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