Love Notes: Weekend November 16-18

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Releasing old relationship patterns or chronic bad habits in order to renew or change partnerships, or to move on from dead alliances.



  • Recognition of promise; need to recognize inner beauty
  • Beautiful engagement ring; indulgence; luxury
  • Agreement, contract, unions that are legally binding
  • Reveling due to proposal of marriage
  • Social engagement with someone you find physically attractive
  • Appointment to pamper yourself; dressing up and getting ready to go out
  • Commitment, obligation, undertaking
  • Drinking, dancing–lively, noisy social functions



  • Discernment about how to have fun/entertainment
  • Trying to figure out if a relationship will develop into something deeper or if it’s just a fun ride; seeking deeper truth
  • Wearing a game face regarding whether you’re having a good time; hiding your true self
  • Need to look under the surface for the truth–playing games



  • Trust your intuition about the root of a disagreement
  • Arguments related to trust issues and difficulty communicating
  • Emotional disturbance; recognizing vulnerability
  • Disagreement that focuses on support from others or feeling protected
  • Inner turmoil; lack of confidence
  • Belief in self–winning at all costs



  • Spiritual awakening that occurs through disappointment
  • Deep concern for problems related to nature, humanity
  • Need for grounding due to emotions; instability
  • Heart-broken because of hurt, loss, betrayal, separation or the break-up of a relationship



  • Rebirth of passion, desire, love or lust
  • Finding or following your bliss/passion or the need to find it
  • May be making positive personal changes because of relationship
  • Relationship may reawaken desires–feelings you thought were dead
  • Your relationship makes positive transformation
  • Relationship may start again in new form
  • Revitalizing a relationship



  • Receptive to timing of situation
  • Divine timing at play–open to opportunity
  • Listening to intuition about whether the time is right
  • Time to move in a new direction
  • Time to examine whether you’re running after illusions
  • May feel blocked but trust that Universe is working to unfold situation at most appropriate time for maximum experience



  • Revelation about new love; new information concerning love
  • Self-awareness because of new love; meeting potential suitor
  • New love changes your perspective; lover reveals something
  • New love in the works or on the way; new relationship on immediate horizon
  • Courtship, beginning stages of relationship
  • Need to think outside the box regarding love or how to meet potential partner



  • Perspective important related to someone/something you are enchanted with; attracting what you desire; influencing others
  • Need for change in perspective about your relationship
  • Fresh perspective needed to bring ideas to life
  • May be looking at more positive aspects of another person or situation
  • Some truths become obvious as time goes on; illusions–need to take action



  • Taking action where there seems to be no solution; time to act
  • Difficulty starting something; timing issues
  • Failure to act on opportunity; end of opportunity
  • Need to take initiative to find solution



  • Moving forward OR moving on from a marriage or commitment
  • Traveling to a wedding
  • Focus on formalizing your bond as a couple; marriage
  • Creating/following plan that leads to marriage; motivation toward commitment
  • Aimlessness in commitment–need for orientation



  • Gaining greater clarity or truth in relationship and whether you’re being taken seriously
  • Getting clear about how you want to spend your time–enjoyment
  • Clarity through letting loose, being playful, letting your guard down
  • Time out to gain clarity OR clarity about a time out
  • Something about interactions brings important issues to light–may need more recreation or down time
  • Clarity about whether someone is serious
  • The truth about an off-color remark



  • Boldness in taking an opportunity; taking a risk; fortune favors the brave
  • Opening the door to happiness, laughter, enjoyment
  • Taking the opportunity to “put it out there”
  • Taking the initiative to create opportunity for beneficial changes
  • Need to tread lightly regarding opportunity; be careful what you wish for
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