Daily Tarot: Strength

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”  Maya Angelou

The Strength card makes a timely appearance in the season of Leo. Accordingly, you are asked to draw upon the best character traits of Leo and to use your personal will, patience, and wisdom to deal with difficulties or overcome problems. You may be dealing with a situation that requires great moral courage or faith in self and your abilities. For some, this may manifest as a focus on good health, healing or recovering from an illness. For others it will center on personal empowerment through harnessing the ego and channeling the powers of persuasion in the most positive manner.  Situations may demand the strength to let go of something and start over. You can trust your intuition to accurately guide your decisions.

Should you find yourself struggling with self-doubt, you may decide to settle for less than your worth or make unnecessary concessions. Perhaps the fear of rejection or failure triggers insecurities and incites you to strike out in anger or frustration. It may be better to step back for a momentary pause to regain your composure. You may also need to address the baser qualities of Leo–arrogance, domineering behavior, excessive vanity. A false sense of power or overestimation of self can blind you to your own accountability for a situation. Conversely, a lack of power can leave you open to being bullied, weak or too fearful to open yourself to new opportunities. Whatever your strengths, events remind you that you can still be so much more and so much better.

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(Deck:  The Druid Craft Tarot Deck|Philip and Stephanie Carr-Grumm|Connections Book Publishing)


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