Daily Tarot: The Tower

“Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant.”  Anthony D’Angelo

Get on board or be prepared to have the train run over you. A disruptive influence has arrived to shake things up. It could be your views or beliefs or the very foundation of some structure in your life that is challenged, but change is the keyword. Positively, this may be a breath of fresh air; a life-transforming circumstance that takes you in a new direction. Perhaps you start a new job, relocate or break free from a confining situation. New insights or psychological breakthroughs allow you to move forward with surprising swiftness to reorganize parts of your life that are no longer working.

But not all changes are welcome, especially if they come through trauma or crisis. You may receive or issue some shocking statement or share disturbing news as the tendency for confrontation, secrets or unsettling revelations is high. Situations you have clung to while cauterizing your emotions to the enormous cost involved will be challenged. You may have to deal with conditions where you have worked against yourself or better judgment. Taking on a victim mentality will be of little use; the truth is that you failed to address an issue or refused to accept the reality of it and now the piper has called for payment. The mask comes down and false lifestyles are revealed. The message is to clear away the old to make room for the new. Either you will make the choice, or providence will.

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Love tarot videos for August are available at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/findinglove

(Deck:  Ancient Italian Tarot|Lo Scarabeo, Torino)

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