Daily Tarot: Seven of Pentacles

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”  Leo Tolstoy

It is said that patience is a virtue; hopefully so, as today’s influence will require lots of it. You may be making plans or reevaluating a long-term project that has met with frustrating delays. This may involve the use of a practical skill and a desire to achieve steady growth, albeit slowly. Perhaps there is a lull in the development that has you questioning your progress. You may have invested time or energy without pay or reward and are now taking stock of whether you have wasted your effort or if your pursuit will yield a profit. Situations cause you to examine your aspirations to consider if they truly align with your genuine desires. If not, you may decide to change course and move in a different direction.

However, being too conservative can cause you to miss out on a profitable opportunity. You may be giving up too soon simply due to pride or impatience. Perhaps taking a risk is required in order to secure your long-term financial situation. If so, unexpected funds may support you through the transition. On the other hand, you may realize that you’re stuck in a dead-end job or that you’ve made a poor investment. You may decide to abandon an enterprise or situation that appears to be going nowhere.

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(Deck: Tarot of the Master|Lo Scarabeo, Torino)

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