Daily Tarot: High Priestess

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”  Benjamin Spock

There is a secretive or hidden influence behind today’s events that require you to tap into your intuitive awareness. Something may be taking place behind the scenes or there are circumstances brewing that have not yet been revealed. You may need to connect with those who can offer guidance or have insider information that they are willing to share. This is a day where your emotions will figure strongly and you will need to distinguish between mere feeling versus true intuition. Perhaps your emotional behavior is driven by early memories or past conditioning, but it will be mirrored in kind and your impact on those around you may be stronger than you think. Events may center around a daughter, sister, single friend, or a platonic relationship, but those connections are likely to undergo some form of change. The day will also bring forth an “opportunity” but you will need to discern whether this chance is worth the conditions required for obtaining it.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may choose to repress your feelings or close off to your inner voice focusing instead solely on analysis and rational thought. You may act in extremes due to a lack of emotional control, insensitivity, hypersensitivity or bias. Efforts to outwit the competition or confuse others may invite a challenge you’re not prepared to deal with.

You will rethink your involvement in a situation, how you feel about it, a belief you have held, a promise or a goal. Trusting your instincts will allow you to clearly see things for what they are.

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(Deck:  Touchstone Tarot|Kat Black|Kunati Inc.)

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