Mars Retrograde: Fight Club

When the red planet of war turns backward, you are learning to constructively deal with conflict. You may find yourself becoming more reactionary to emotional triggers and having to dig deep to respond diplomatically as your interaction with others becomes increasingly antagonistic. You may declare war on situations that offend or oppress you in any way; especially ongoing conditions where old resentments have been brewing. Situations can be incendiary and confrontational throughout the entire retrograde, but will also allow the opportunity to reclaim your personal power. However, if you’re the one lighting the dynamite, be ready for the explosion as you’re likely to be on the losing end of circumstances be it the bedroom, boardroom or courtroom. This also means that starting a sexual relationship can be a risky  proposition as the chemistry and infatuation with the object of your desire begins to wane once Mars turns direct.

Mars is the planet of passion, whether for a person or pursuit, and you may suddenly find that the drive behind your ambition begins to pale. You may need to examine your motives to redefine what you truly want, although you should wait to set any new plans in motion. Motivating yourself to continue relationships or enterprises you started before the retrograde can be rather challenging, and in some cases, you may decide to terminate a pursuit. However, if you are a natural self-starter, you may find this time beneficial for working on a long-term project that requires concentrated focus.

This is a volatile period where the constructive use of anger is required to form a strategy for the actions needed when Mars moves forward.


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