Daily Tarot: The Fool

“There are some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction.”  Franz Kafka

If you have a bounce in your step and can hear Patti Labelle’s ’80s mantra song, “New Attitude” blaring inside your head, you are in attunement with the Fool card. Anything that reeks of the past seems stale, stagnant, and “so very yesterday.” Perhaps it was yesterday’s Page of Wands that lit a fire under you to move in a different direction. Regardless of the catalyst for change, you are willing to act on faith and steer into the unknown. This is excellent energy to get out into the wider world and mix and mingle, introduce yourself, take the initiative, start something. Your life is transitioning and taking a calculated risk could run the gamut of lifestyle changes ranging from circumstances that place you as the “new kid on the block” to becoming a parent with a new kid in its crib. New and unexpected opportunities present for you to make decisions that will take you down a totally different path.

However, make sure that childlike exuberance doesn’t give way to childishness. It wouldn’t be wise to throw all caution to the wind and act without using common sense and foresight. You could find yourself on the edge of a cliff due to poor judgment or less than sound advice. It’s also important to finish what you start, and either you or those you are involved with may lack the loyalty or commitment you believe exists. Move forward with caution.

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(Tarot Deck:  The Rider-Waite| U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

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