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Is your love life playing out the same as when Harry met Meghan? Even if you don’t end up in a castle or married to a prince, it helps to know the script to find out if there’s still a chance for a fairytale ending or if you’ll end up on the set of Gone Girl.

The Romantic Love Oracle Deck takes you on an odyssey through the love experience using 55 lush images of romantic objets d’art awash in rich sepia tones and vivid colors while revealing secrets of passion, fidelity and desire and all of the issues that accompany love. Use this oracle to create your own love spread or as a clarifier with your favorite love deck to gain extra insight into your relationship. Put on some Sinatra, Beyonce, or whatever your mix, light a candle, and if the answers aren’t pretty, at least the cards are gorgeous to look at!

PDF Guidebook is available for download. Cards are printed on 330 mg, extra-smooth, German cardstock to create visual contrast with bright coloring. Flexibility ensures longlasting wear over time. (70mm x 121mm/2.75″ x 4.75″ )

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