Juno in Scorpio: Sex, Secrets & Securities


SIZE MATTERS! Especially when it comes to ego. If your partner packs a big one, your relationship could be headed for the rocks. Literally. Use astrology to follow the relationship asteroid, Juno (the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth), as she transits through the black holes of your relationship in the intense sign of Scorpio where resentment and anger are stirred in all matters of betrayal concerning sex, secrets, loyalty, and money.

Together, with her partner in passion Jupiter, they’ll play out the classic archetypal roles of a troubled relationship as only this dynamic duo can. Through death and rebirth triggered by the complicated issues that come with coupling, expect jealousy, lies, and revenge in mythic proportions as Juno weaves her story through your own. Use these surprising revelations based on zodiac sign to discover what conditions will push you to draw a line in the sand and reclaim your power when the boundaries are breached in your relationship.

(Format:  PDF; Length: 44 pgs.)


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