Magick Moon – Follow the Flow: 2021 Manifestation Guide

A handy guide with instructions that includes when, why, and how to manifest material and emotional abundance would seem–well, magical! That’s exactly what I’m proposing–that you bring more magic into your life to claim your divine birthright. 2021 is your year to follow the flow that leads to more money, love, and joy. By aligning your highest intentions with the rhythm of the Universe, you can maximize results and attract opportunity. Magick Moon – Follow the Flow: 2021 Manifestation Guide is a golden resource you’ll use each and every month.

  • Never miss an opportunity to follow the flow of abundance–clear listings with dates and times for each moon of the lunar cycle.
  • Use the moon’s ingress and planetary hour information to schedule meetings, plans, or important events.
  • Learn when to expect delays or when to put plans aside and wait for more auspicious timing.
  • Use the journal style entries to make your wish list for manifestation using the New Moon and to track your progress.
  • Use the journal style entries to list bad habits and outdated circumstances you wish to rid yourself of using the Full Moon.
  • Discover the tone and influence each moon will have on a specific area of your life according to the transit.
  • Use your manifestation guide to follow my Vimeo video series for an in-depth analysis of each moon with predictions you won’t find elsewhere.

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