Magick Moon: A Make it Happen! 2020 Manifestation Guide

It’s finally here! This is a project of mine that’s been in the works for quite some time. I’ve practiced moon manifestation for the past several years with dramatic results and wanted to share my experience with others so that they could also realize the benefits. The premise is to work with the natural flow of energy from the Universe and the moon by choosing the best times to focus your intention on particular desires. I’m excited to offer this guide with access to all of the information you need that would make it easy for you to follow the lunar influence and manifest your wishes.

  • Use the moon’s ingress and planetary hour information to schedule meetings, plans, or important events.
  • Discover when it’s best to temporarily put plans aside.
  • Use the New Moon to manifest dreams.
  • Use the Full Moon to relinquish old situations and bad habits.
  • Understand the tone and influence each moon will have on your life during specific time periods.

Part I includes some helpful tables along with the basics concerning the moon through houses and signs. You’re encouraged to develop your own monthly rituals that sync with both the new and full moons. Part II has predictive insights and provides blank entries for you to write your wishes and track the progress in the development of your dreams.

Once you realize the powerful effect of the moon, you might also be interested in This is Just a Phase! The Secret Code to Every Moon. This 12-book monthly, follow-up series dives deeper into each moon (including quarter moons) with esoteric information you won’t find elsewhere. Using tarot and classical astrology, I’ll reveal additional encoded messages that provide amazingly accurate predictions that are very personal to your life and affairs in real time. Using the books together will strengthen your results.

In fact, I’m so convinced you’ll find these forecasts helpful, that I’m offering the first book of the series at an insanely deep discount! They’re now currently available at Amazon.

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