Tete-a-Tete| Every Little Bit Helps | Jun 12, 2023

Daily Love Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

It’s complicated. Could you use a little help? Maybe you need money, a mentor, or knowledge to find your way through a difficult situation. If so, it’s possible that the cavalry will show up in your defense, especially if you’re on the look out for any and all opportunities that may arise. While you’re waiting for assistance, you’d be wise to try as best you can to put affairs in order. Whether it’s the health or habits of your own or the neglect, irresponsibility, or immaturity of others, you’ll need to be a lot more conscientious of how you handle matters. Waste not, want not is the theme where time, money, energy and emotions are concerned, but righting the scales might be a challenge if others are holding a tight grip on what you deem to be yours, you’re passed over for the recognition you deserve, or third party interference is at the root of problems. If you’re on your knees, settling for crumbs, or sitting on the sidelines in the have-not section, you somehow need to find a way out.

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Image: The Lost Balloon, William Holbrook Beard

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