Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Neptune moves backwards while submerging the collective into the deepest recesses of the subconscious and beckons you to enter the private world of fantasy and imagination. Because of this, relationships can be difficult to form or maintain at this time. Although described as the higher octave of Venus, very often as humans we seem to strike the wrong chord when this planet plays a significant role. In the most positive, the regress will serve as a turning point in long-range endeavors where imaginative creativity can be put to practical use or provokes noble deeds of great sacrifice and compassion.

The Return of Neptune, John Singleton Copley

Retrogrades are for review and usually problematic by nature. As you wind through the watery crevices of your own inner being, stay present to the possibility of external issues connected to the domain of Neptune. The most obvious source of a dilemma is water–leakages, flooding, water damage, pipe and plumbing problems, contamination, drownings, boating accidents, etc. Be cautious when using paint, chemicals, and caustic liquids. Double-check dosages and prescriptions, opt for a second opinion in diagnoses, and avoid excessive alcohol intake. There’s a danger of theft or damage to possessions, but more importantly, one should be especially discerning in the choice of companionship as the possibility is high for physical harm or assault. Unfortunately, you can expect an uptick in media reports concerning underground criminal activity as well as matters related to oil and gas.

Neptune rules pathological tendencies and anything mind-altering. Those with a tendency for escapism or addiction can be especially vulnerable. Any feelings of paralysis in decision-making may allow for your judgment to be influenced by others who are perceived as more clear. In truth, the perception of others is likely to be just as distorted. This retro chart also contains a cardinal grand cross which can impede progress in accomplishing goals due to problems in maintaining the concentration needed for achievement or attempting the impossible task of trying to accomplish everything at once.

The good news is that Neptune’s ties to secrets and mystery means that old hidden and confused issues can now be brought out into the open. In fact, the strong inclination is to make a statement, possibly one that is bold or very public in the untiring struggle for recognition, power, and independence. You may wish to be seen as a person who has a message, vision, or concept that needs to be shared. The will is directed from the power of persuasion in support of the realization of new ideas and plans.

However, the perception of reality can be seriously distorted through self-delusion and the deathly grip of ideological, emotional, and spiritual fantasies that persuasively lull one into false beliefs about the omnipotence of both self and others. The response to persecution, ill treatment, or abuse can stoke an obsession with revenge. These planetary aspects also provide the markings of a dictator replete with all the characteristics of politics, scandal, and intrigue–secrets, lies, and videotape, subterfuge, underhanded maneuvering, and power plays. The energy can stimulate serious trouble in financial affairs or matters related to inheritance or property of the dead.

Alternatively, you may have a vocation or desire to guide or help people where the intention is motivated purely by humanitarian concerns rather than your personal needs. In some cases, this compelling aspiration is a reflection of your own sense of powerlessness or a history of troubling boundary issues. For the general populace, a common mission or goal can emerge.

With Aries as the first sign to rise in this retrograde chart, action, quick decisions and physical energy are emphasized indicating this could be a cycle that promotes interest in relationships, added financial responsibilities, and new enterprises. For some, associations with secret police or intelligence activities may connect to the secret affairs of large corporations and government agencies. Others may work in an administrative capacity for a hospital or institution where the skills of past experience and intuitive knowledge assists in solving professional and business problems. Whatever your position, superiors might be quietly observing the way you handle responsibility. Reserved, but quite capable of being forceful, you may reserve this force until and unless it will solve a useful purpose. For many, the influence will endow you with a resourcefulness fueled by adaptability, determination, and decisiveness and your self-restraint, caution, and foresight in a methodical manner will not go unnoticed. As a result, you may receive beneficial help from behind the scenes or possible assistance or hidden gains through an authoritative figure.

The focus of this period will center on issues connected to large companies or social systems and situations that hold a direct influence over blockages that cause or result in being powerless, alone, isolated, ill, or involved with others in such a predicament. The events that unfold may happen in a relationship, court case, or through the parent’s relationship and will necessitate contact with new groups involving counseling, therapy, court proceedings, the adoption of a child, or having to work with other people’s children. As a consequence, these outcomes will produce an irrevocable change or ending that is welcomed…or not. The Neptune retrograde presents the opportunity to stop dreaming and start doing. Do you have enough faith to realize the goal?

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