Love Notes: Week Nov 12-19, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Which side are you on? Are you for me or against me? Passion (in all its varied forms) or anger compels the need to fight for justice, right the scales, or put matters in order. The poet, John Lyly, wrote, “The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war.” This is often used to justify cheating. But the ancient Egyptians believed that after a person died, the heart was weighed against the feather of Maat (goddess of truth and justice). Perhaps you need to look into your heart to decide what’s fair.

This week, decisions will have to be made concerning equitable exchanges–financially, emotionally, or intellectually. You may be sorting out who should be responsible for what in a relationship, negotiating legal concerns, dealing with health issues, or redefining comfort and beauty related to a project, home environment, or personal appearance. You might be trying to choose the best option between opportunities or alliances. Whatever the situation, it requires an adjustment to circumstance or perspective. For some, these events will tie to persons with strong Libra in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising).

After that, your next important decision…stocking stuffers?


  • Finding the right tarot reader or tools for divination
  • Need for clarity concerning the consummate person, situation, object
  • On the money; good foresight
  • The perfect desired object or place (jewelry, luxury good, hotel, etc.)–may cost a fortune
  • Looking into the future to connect to an ideal–person, situation
  • A future with a person who has all the personality traits, values, and attributes you desire; partner worth spending a lifetime with; marriage material
  • Practicing manifestation with your thoughts; possibilities
  • May be receiving gifts, good fortune, or recognition; high magnetism and powers of attraction
  • Being in the spotlight


  • Taking a closer look at complicated situations
  • Looking behind the curtain to understand the real issue–complexities that interfere with relationship–third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, work romance, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.
  • Revelation concerning a misunderstanding
  • Noticing the magic in everyday–complexities of the Universe and its workings
  • Figuring out how to deal with a situation you found difficult to work through
  • Finding solutions to complicated situations as if by magic


  • Sexual frigidity, impotence, or lack of libido
  • Receptive to cold weather, cold weather recreation, being outdoors
  • Feeling the cold–being rejected, locked out, blocked, or left out in the cold; lack of emotional warmth or depth in personal connection
  • Listening to intuition regarding the temperature (physical, emotional)
  • Conflicts characterized by cold wars, silent treatment, aloofness
  • Trying to avoid getting a cold or the flu
  • Not sure of being open to opportunity (you/other); cooling off of relationship; loneliness
  • Repressed emotions; putting a freeze/hold on situation
  • Either frozen or ready to move in a new direction where you were stuck


  • Thwarted desires because of karma
  • Karmic desire or attraction; karmic relationship or soulmate
  • Connection that has lasted through many incarnations
  • Karmic influence (positive/negative) due to temptation towards someone/something; lust, seduction
  • Relationship for karmic lesson, to pay karmic debt, or to evolve spiritually through events orchestrated by the Universe
  • Fantasies or unexpected encounter where providence plays a role; divine intervention


  • Broken-hearted about trying to attain something; time to stop struggling–acceptance of what is
  • Recognition of disappointment because of hurt, betrayal, loss, separation, or break up of relationship (you/other)
  • Attainment of desires after disappointment; success


  • Flighty; too oblivious or self-absorbed to recognize positivity or the need for transformation
  • Personal renaissance; letting yourself shine; changing your appearance
  • Self-expression; creativity; rebirth of projects, ideas
  • Confidence that puts you in the spotlight
  • Making positive personal changes because of relationship; relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Relationship may reawaken desires you thought were dead; revitalization of relationship
  • Sense of renewal; second chances; relationship may start again in new form
  • Coming out of isolation; re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly


  • Secrets surrounding finances; hidden resource, investments, or payments; the need for something to come to light concerning financial matters
  • Hidden clause concerning money
  • Paying for secret information
  • Something you’re not seeing regarding finances or something you’re hiding
  • Career and work take priority over relationship; workaholic; finances are affecting relationship
  • Shared financial goals; family business; you/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Work affair with coworker, colleague, client, or superior
  • Relationship that begins in work setting


  • Intuition regarding ancestry, mourning, or someone/something passing away
  • Listening to spirit messengers; making contact with someone who has crossed
  • Trusting instincts about whether this situation/relationship feels right or should move forward
  • Inner knowing about a “dead” situation
  • Intuition reveals a message through an encounter


  • Getting lost in yourself in order to heal; self-reflection
  • Falling into a black hole (self-isolation) because you need to put self first
  • Obsession with perfectionism
  • A need to wake up–may be neglecting health and/or appearance
  • Pushing boundaries (positive/negative); change (positive/negative)
  • New perceptions–self-dialogue to discover own inner beauty; self acceptance; may need to appreciate self more
  • Healing through search for adventure; new horizons


  • Not having adequate documentation; missing receipts, paperwork, records; no record of payment
  • Not getting the best price; not receiving credit; not cashing a check; not leaving a paper trail
  • Unwilling to pay the price (for something or relationship)
  • Shift in scarcity consciousness; gratitude
  • Getting what you deserve (good or bad); reaping the fruits of your efforts
  • Open-mindedness concerning abundance and prosperity
  • Letting bygones be bygones; releasing competitiveness or criticism


  • Need to encourage positive mindset about new love; healing
  • Renewal of or because of new love
  • Renewal of interest (person, project, pursuit); revitalization
  • New beginning; new love is in the works or on its way; new relationship on the immediate horizon
  • New love connected to healing methods, being a healer, connecting to a healer
  • Courtship; beginning stages of relationship
  • Meeting a new potential partner


  • Grief about trying to manifest something; stuck in leaded consciousness
  • Grief over having to choose between familiar/safe or passion/risk
  • Recognizing the manifestation of grief (self/others)–unhappiness due to loss, disappointment, or rejection; emotional wounding
  • Harnessing personal power to deal with grief–sadness due to betrayal, separation, or death
  • Creating alchemy through and over grief

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Image: The Triumph of Justice, Gabriel Metsu

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