Third Time Lucky Tarot Reading|Fire Signs|June 2020

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. Leo Tolstoy


Aries, the birth process, whether concerning a project, child, or pursuit, is now undergoing transformation. You’ll need to get the truth, face a truth, or tell the truth to determine whether there’s cause for celebration. Change is in order–it’s either three cheers or back to square one.


Leo, do you have a strategy to create opportunity or do you run from it? If your dreams rest solely on a hope and a prayer, you may need help but choose to refuse. But could your lack of faith in others speak more to doubts about yourself? Your next performance could make you a star. It’s time to write your own rave reviews.


Sagittarius, more than ever, you’re resistant to outside authority and willing to reject any situation that keeps you confined, restricted, or limited. A spiritual awakening is also grounding you with regard to any self-perpetuating habits that tempt you to remain chained to people, situations, or habits that cost your peace of mind emotionally and/or financially.

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