The Heart of the Matter Tarot Reading|Earth Signs|May 2020

“One gets to the heart of the matter by a series of experiences in the same pattern, but in different colors.” Robert Graves


Taurus, you’ll need to figure out whether an alliance is sacred or sadistic. Once you make the decision to exit fairyland, you’ll begin to see matters more clearly as to how to bring closure and change that is long overdue.


Virgo, you’re moving toward a shift that would bring an end to a situation and grant you a new beginning. Don’t focus on the flaws, but how you might flourish by taking a risk. The magic happens when you control your mindset and your mood. Make it work.


Capricorn, obligations, partnerships, and profit are the cornerstones of a situation that’s been moving in slow motion. You can no longer delay the need to gather facts, manage a crisis, or find a solution to reach a compromise.

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